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Lighting ideas for 10 foot island

Mary Curtis
4 days ago

White shaker cabinets, medium hand-scraped maple floor, oyster white granite island. I have canned lighting around the perimeter of the room, but need lighting for over the large 10 foot island. Thinking a darker (black or oil-rubbed bronze) finish. Transitional style I guess! Don't want anything too trendy that may go out of style..Thanks for any input

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  • Matt
    Pictures, pictures, pictures!!
    Knowing the ceiling height and what’s around it will help the pros on here visualize and help.
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  • mark_rachel

    Every light style is going to go out of "style". If you want it to stay in style for the longest time just put recessed lighting over the island. Pictures of you space would help.

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  • PRO
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  • Mary Curtis
    Thanks. They are 9 foot ceilings. Old fixtures are still up from smaller island and table.
  • dan1888

    Recessed to give you good work zone lighting as you would with the other counter top areas you'll work at. Ambient lighting can then be primarily decorative over the island.

  • mark_rachel

    Recessed everywhere. It's not a big enough space to have hanging pendant lighting IMO. Put them on a separate dimmer switch. I would also remove the one over the kitchen sink & make it a recessed light.

  • Matt

    @ Mary Curtis... Don't mean to crash this thread. Do you have a dimensional layout of your kitchen? Your layout is almost identical to what we are planning to do. So i would be curious to know your dimensions and what you think about working in that space with an island that size.

  • Mary Curtis
    Matt. No prob. Love it so far. 20 x 14 is main area
  • Mary Curtis
    @mark_rachel If I do pendants I was thinking of something more clear/seeded glass to not obstruct view since area isn’t that large. I love all these beautiful looks above, but don’t know if I can pull it off in my house. As you said, kitchen isn’t all that big.
  • Fori

    Are those chandelier bulb fixtures actually any good for task lighting?

  • damiarain

    we have clear glass cylinder pendants over our peninsula (similar to these ones) that provide decent task lighting (really need to get some better bulbs in there!) and are visually unobtrusive ... we have 8' ceilings and a mostly white kitchen

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  • mom2sulu

    I would also vote for clear/seeded glass so that you don't close that space off.

  • cpartist

    Sorry to say that anything transitional will wind up being "trendy". Buy what you love and don't worry about it being trendy or not trendy.

    The lantern style that's so popular now? 8-10 years ago people were ripping that style out of their homes.

    What you have now was trendy 10 years ago.

    Chandeliers with dripping crystals were trendy about 5 years ago.

    Schoolhouse lights were trendy back in the 1930's and are trendy again.

  • Mary Curtis
    Agree @cp_artist - I see styles now that were in my parents house 40 years ago!
  • Matt

    @Mary Curtis... How much space do you have between your island and the cabinets around it...4'? Also, what was the depth of your island? I recall seeing the 10', but not the depth.

  • PRO

    Hi Mary! Maybe something like one of our below projects? We'd love to help you here at Shakuff.

  • Mary Curtis

    @Matt Island is 42 inches wide. About 42 inches between island and not working side of kitchen where we walk through and 36 on side between island and sink and island and stove. Seems to be plenty of room on all sides for us. Kept debating on making the island this big, but really like it. Even though it's a big island it somehow makes the room seem larger and more open like the newer house styles. Ours is about 20 years old.

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