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What happened to the Link to Threads on Houzz?

4 days ago

Seems that they took away the link to get to the GW forums at the top of houzz. It used to be next to SALE at the top and now it's gone. (See Photo) And I posted about this last night and the thread never posted.

The only way I can find the forums now is to go to my idea book and click on one of my old threads.

Are they once again messing with the format or are they trying to rid the forums and are only looking to make this a site for buying?

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  • cpartist

    I want to see if this shows in the threads

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  • iamtiramisu

    I wondered that too! I no longer have it either. It goes from FIND PROFESSIONALS to SALE - no more STORIES & ADVICE link. Super annoying!

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  • cpartist

    C Marlin, you're coming in through garden web. I normally come in through houzz and it's no longer on the houzz part. As iamtiramisu said, no more STORIES & ADVICE listed.

    BTW: Last night I started another thread about this and included a link to it in houzz discussions and the thread disappeared. Typical!

  • damiarain

    So ridiculous how haphazard this place is! I can still see the "stories & advice" but based on previous experience, once some people start experiencing changes, they do eventually roll out to everyone. And not to be all "get off my lawn" but why do their changes always make it worse????????

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  • Steve Grimes

    It's now buried under the get ideas menu item at top left

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  • cpartist

    Yes but now it's so buried you can't even find it and when you do, it doesn't give you the full list of gw forums. Just kitchens, baths and a few others.

  • cpartist

    And I can't even now post a photo showing what it looks like. Typical. The only thing houzz wants is for us to buy from them. Guess what? I'm not buying anything and I'd never recommend them.

  • cpartist

    And when you go to Ideas>Kitchen>Join a Discussion, nothing happens! You can't get in. The link doesn't work.

  • localeater

    CP - I normally go in through GW but I tried going through Houzz and I still see stories and advice and within that I see gardenweb discussions

  • localeater

    Updated, it's there when I use Chrome. If I use Safari it disappears.

    ETA - in Safari click "GET IDEAS" you will find GW discussions there. :)

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  • cpartist

    I'm on Safari. And yes Emily showed where it is, but once again, it means clicking on extra links to get to it versus the one click. Again they're making it harder

  • DLM2000-GW

    I always go in though GW and frankly if they are making it harder (intentionally or not) for the two groups to intermingle, I'm all for it. I bookmark my top 3 forums (always have even pre-Houzz) then use the Your Topics side bar to access everything else that interests me - which isn't much anymore.

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  • RNmomof2 zone 5

    I am using Chrome and if you go to "Stories and Advice" the Gardenweb discussions choice is still there like it has been for quite a while for me.

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  • Kristin S

    Emily said the rollout is staggered. So for those of you who still have your “Stories and Advice,” count your blessings and know it’s days are likely numbered. I’m on Chrome and mine made the switchover yesterday. And while I can still find my favorites forums, I have to think this is a way to slowly kill off the forums, because newcomers certainly aren’t going to find them.

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  • Flo Mac
    I have the same issue. At least notify the users of the changes when they take place.
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  • DLM2000-GW

    For those of you on Chrome, when you go to Stories and Advice, have you actually clicked on GardenWeb Discussions? Try it and see what happens. I do not get a list of forums but rather a mixed list of posts made to the forums in my personal My Topics list with a heading of Your Topics as if it's a forum unto itself.

    In order to get a list of GardenWeb forums I click on Explore Topics in the left column and all GW garden and home forums come up. HOWEVER I am on a laptop, not using an app on my phone, accessing through Chrome on both AND not using the Houzz web address. We all know IT is not their strong suit here so none of this surprises me.

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  • cpartist

    I think if they had their druthers they'd get rid of GW.

  • cpartist

    And what's with this new putting RELATED DISCUSSIONS that have nothing to do with the thread in the middle of the thread now? If I need a related discussion, I can do a search. I don't need to scroll past it. At least put it at the bottom of the thread!

  • PRO
    RES 3d Sketches

    Why would you enter through Houzz? I've always used the GW bookmark. Is it a problem on your phone?

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  • bpath Oh Sophie

    Wow, I never clicked on Stories and Advice before. That is one weird cookie.

    CP, I wondered about those related discussions in the middle, too. I worry that someone inadvertently ends up in HT and gets the vapors.

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  • cpartist

    I don't know. When they became houzz, i started going in through houzz, but will now go in through garden web. Not a problem on my phone but on my desktop.

  • nosoccermom

    Oh, no, just discovered the same thing. I'm still getting to HD DIscussions via my bookmark, but yes, the days of that forum probably numbered.

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  • stillpitpat

    For a few days, I thought those "related discussions" were links that a user had posted in the thread. Then I saw it more and more and realized that it was some automated thing, not that one or two users suddenly started putting them in every thread. I find it annoying too. I am also so glad I did my kitchen when I did and was able to (a) find my way around here easily and (b) get in before so many people left. If I was starting now, I would be getting a lot less help from here. :( I would not have my new kitchen if it weren't for so many people who have left.

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  • cpartist

    I had left when Sophie was banned but came back to post my house. I may wind up leaving again. I'm happy at Sophie's Place on FB.

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