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B.M. chantilly lace or S.W. reflective white for trim?

4 days ago

I am working with a builder for a house on the water and he uses SW paints. I have always used BM and are more familiar with them so I was able to negotiate in the contract 2 BM wall colors but apparently not for the trim. He is using SW color for the trim unless I pay extra for BM chantilly lace . I saw reflective white looks close to chantilly lace but it is hard to tell as SW only gives you a very small swatch. Does any one have an idea or opinion if they are very close in color ?

My colors for the walls are, butter pecan, white dove, admiral blue, picture perfect and silver satin. I did go over the 2 so it will be extra expense.

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  • wysmama
    I’m not familiar with chantilly lace. But high reflective white from SW is a bright white. I am using extra white for trim and Alabaster for walls, both from sherwin Williams. The trim on the outside of our home is high reflective white as that matches the white used by the window and fascia companies.
  • oaktonmom

    Why don’t you have SW mix their paint to replicate Chantilly white.

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  • sbs1717

    oaktonmom Thank you I never thought of that !

  • PRO
    Virgil Carter Fine Art

    Every paint manufacturer has the formulas and can match the paint from any other paint manufacturer.

    Given all the threads on the subject of matching colors from different paint manufacturers, perhaps this should be a "sticky" at the top of each forum.

  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    Chantilly Lace does not come out well when mixed in SW product. Well, I don't think it's pretty. YMMV.

    Also, High Reflective White is not available in all SW products. Depending on the store, it could actually be very few products.

    Determine what product you're using first because that will define your color options.

    Honestly, you can not go wrong with SW Extra White. It's their untinted base. It's one of the prettiest whites out there to choose from - and it's simple being it's just the untinted base.

    Hide, however, can sometime be an issue with certain painters and/or certain SW product. It never hurts to get an extra shot of white shot into the can because that can help with hide. It doesn't change the color appearance of EW in any significant way - I know because I've measured and compared. It just helps with hide.

  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    I still don't think of paint when I see "BM". I guess its that healthcare background.

  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    Bwhahaha! Which is why I usually do BenM.

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