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Travertine tile makeover help! Limewash or paint?

Samantha D
4 days ago
I want to try and give my kitchen backsplash a facelift. It’s travertine tile. I’m considering limewashing it. Has anyone done this? How did it turn out? The alternative is just straight up painting it.

We unfortunately don’t have the funds to completely demo then replace it. I figure I have nothing to lose with experimenting since it can’t get any worse!

Comments (12)

  • Fori

    I'd go to Home Depot and pick up $20 worth of travertine to experiment on before tackling the backsplash. What is the situation behind the cooktop?

  • rantontoo

    I would not linewash....paint and use a REALLY good primer for difficult surfaces. Practicing the process and the paint choices on some HD tiles is a great idea.

  • Samantha D
    Thanks for the suggestions!! The tile stops right at the level of the stove so not much room for experimenting there.
  • rantontoo

    Buy some HD tikes to experiment on. I think Fori wanted to know what the tile looked like there.

  • Samantha D
    Above the stove is the same travertine tile in a pattern.

    We’ve done some minor makeover projects as you can see with the cabinet hardware upgrade. The stove fan is next on the agenda.
  • isabel98

    there is another thread where someone painted their travertine and yet another where someone whitewashed their stone with chalk paint.


    the other thread was about getting rid of her tuscan look. I did a quick search and can't find that one.

    I would def paint that for the short term. don't worry about the nay sayers.

  • PRO

    Whitewashing it will bring out the pink, just like it did for the posters dilemma linked above. Painting it is the better option, but it’s still a horrible idea for anything but a very short term fix. It just isn’t that hard to remove it and do something else.

  • isabel98

    of course just redoing it would be best and I agree it's not that big of a job but from the OPs words above it's not an option. painting it is not a horrible idea but it is a short term fix and will improve the look of the overall space.

  • Samantha D
    I’m not understanding why painting something that’s perfectly fine to look more aesthetically pleasing is a horrible idea? Is your reason for saying that a durability concern?
  • ilikefriday

    I would paint it. I have never painted travertine but I did paint my bathroom tile floor a few years ago. It still looks brand new. Just go for it.

  • Tammy Sartwell

    I'd definitely paint it. I would try a practice tile or 2 from Home Depot.

    Also, be sure to clean your backsplash thoroughly before painting.

  • pennydesign

    I think I would stain it...To me, if you paint travertine, it will look like you painted travertine (not awful, sure...but still painted stone). But if you stain travertine, it might look like tumbled marble because you would keep the shading :)

    I have no idea if that made sense.... :)

    Whatever you do, come back and show us!

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