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In desperate need of curb appeal!

4 days ago
1940s stucco house purchased a year and a half ago. Needs an (affordable) make over to exterior paint and landscaping desperately! We live in a damp climate so lighter stucco colours generally don’t do well in the rain (staining, etc). Any and all advice much appreciated!

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  • PRO
    Dig Doug's Designs

    some ideas (plants may need to be changed, as I don't know your zone):

  • Jenny Island

    Are you in the PNW? Those look like Douglas Firs in the background.

  • houssaon

    This is a perfect opportunity to use color blocking.

  • leslieap10

    Not sure what your tastes are but I'm thinking a fence around the front with a pergola over the gate. Window boxes maybe?

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Stucco is just not a very suitable surfacing material in a wet climate. I'd consider siding over it.

  • tqtqtbw

    Have you ever power washed the house and if so, how long did the freshness last?

  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    Not sure what affordable means, landscape and exterior renews are not cheap. Stucco often needs repair and you can labor for the landscape but the plants and dirt still cost ya. What is the budget?

    I dont see any gutters on this house and some corners where water seems to gather and create staining, that would be the first thing to address. Second no matter what color you stucco it, it will still discolor, so I would invest in a power washer.

    Or, skip the "affordable" make up fix and wait until you can side the whole thing. I would actually expand the front porch area,

  • Sigrid

    I'd get a quote from a painter or two and ask their advice on colors. It may be that newer paints hold up just fine in your climate. You want a painter to give you a quote, not a salesman from a chain of painters.

    I think sage or moss green is pretty. With, perhaps, tan trim. Warm colors. Then think about your steps, which, right now are a grayish color that doesn't go with the grayish beige of your stucco. I don't like color blocking except in modern houses with exceptionally good color schemes (ie hired an expensive color designer rather than asked strangers on Houzz).

    If your stucco is not too uncommon in your area, notice all the successful stucco colors. I took pictures of houses in my neighborhood to get a sense of what shade of blue worked with what trim.

    I'd hide the hosereel (is that what it is) with a shrub. The landscaping looks like it could use a boost, but the picture quality is poor and few gardens look good in March, so I put that out there, but you might decide the landscaping is good enough.

  • kimtrudeau
    Thank you! I really like you ideas in particular the large tree in the left. What type of tree is it?
  • kimtrudeau
    Yes, I’m in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Kathleen Kirchoff
    I think color blocking would be fun but yes you want aprofessional color scheme.
    Enlarging stairs and porch would be big improvement.lwould take out shrub and extendporch to the smaller window pop out. Iwould put a slender tall conifer on that corner of the house. Then add three small round bushes under the other one.
  • PRO

    The house needs new paint. I would go with a neutral (grey/taupe) color darker than any shown in the photo, and with white trim.

    In the landscape, the major things wrong with it now begin with the narrow walk. Since the yard is small, I'd keep it the same width as steps for its full extent. Get rid of the bed transverse to the view and use cheekwalls (or I guess "cheek curbs" since it's only one step.)

    Create a simple foundation planting that coordinates with the architectural features -- with a little joy in it. Presently, the bed is a shallow one plastered tight against the building. Give the plants room to breath, so at least 6' depth or even a little more, simultaneously shrinking the mowing space. Improve the lawn with perfect grass. With blemishes, the appearance of the lawn can only destroy the look of everything else. With a smaller lawn it's even more important.

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