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Sweetbay Cottage by Mitchell Ginn

Marie Thorp
3 days ago

Thinking about using this plan to build a house. It’s from the same designers as the famous “Four Gables”. I would love to see some photos of the house built first though. Has anyone here built this particular cottage before? Also, any ideas on cost? Are Mitchell Ginn Houses generally expensive to construct?

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  • PRO
    Mark Bischak, Architect

    How does it relate to your site?

  • Marie Thorp

    Thanks for your response. South would be to the rear of the house. The site is quite wide and pretty flat in front, but slopes down gently towards the rear.

  • cpartist

    Master only has windows on one wall so no cross ventilation.

    No way can you have an island in an 8'6" wide kitchen. 8' 6" = 102"

    Perimeter counters are 25.5" deep so:

    102" - 25.5" = 76.5"

    Minimum aisle width for a 1 butt kitchen is 42" so:

    76.5" - 42" = 34.5" which is way too small for an island with seating.

    Of course if the dining area is 12'6" then you probably can encroach into the dining area. The layout shown is the layout I had in my condo. It works but not well. Why? Because there's no source of water near the prep area. You don't have room to prep on the island so would have to wash stuff and then bring it to next to the stove to prep.

    Additionally with the kitchen being 11'8" you won't have a large enough island to do much.

    11'8" = 140"

    Again perimeter counters are 25.5" so

    140" - 25.5" = 106.5"

    Because the fridge is in front of the end of the island, you will need more than 42" there so the fridge opens and you have room. I would allow for 45".

    106.5" - 45" = 61.5" All you have room for is a 61.5" island. A dishwasher takes up 2' of that so you're now left with a total of 3' 1.5". A sink base is normally 30" which would leave you with 7.5" on the other side of the sink.

    The house is going to be dark because of the porches.

    The foyer is narrow.

    I wouldn't want my linen closet in my toilet room.

    In bedroom 3, how will you get into the bathroom without hitting the toilet?

    Those small closets can only have hanging on one wall. Not two.

    I think you can do a lot better.

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