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Update my exterior from the 1970s to beachy modern

Lauren Lista
3 days ago

Please help me modernise the exterior of my beach house! I have no idea what colour palettes to consider, but the brown has to go. I am open to painting the brick, and I definitely need to paint the siding and gutters. I don't think I want to render the brick because there is so much of it. TIA!

Comments (7)

  • emmarene9

    Paint the siding white and the brick pale gray, just dark enough for contrast. Choose a gray that will work with the roof color.

  • rinq

    I think you could start by changing all the rusty red to a pale sea-blue-green-turquoise, or just offwhite. That would have tremendous effect already. Then maybe, just maybe, think about painting brick. I'd say it's not the brick that 'hurts', it's the amount of red.

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  • renjean
    I agree with rinq, you only need to change the red/brown color to white or a very light blue/green. Once you do that, you’ll have the beach look you’re going for without much work :)
  • Brown Dog

    What a cool house!! My first thought was to paint all the brick black and the siding/trim charcoal to get a sleek modern look. But your house is in a tropical climate so black may be a problem. My second thought was to paint everything white. Everything. You've got a lot visually going on with all your windows, balconies, garage doors, various railings, so painting everything one colour would simplify and pull together all the different elements. And white would be a lovely backdrop for your beautiful garden and palms. I would love to see the garage doors replaced with frosted glass garage doors for an uber cool modern look. Good luck!!

  • houssaon

    I don't see any brown. I would paint the orange siding and the gutters white and leave the brick alone.

  • grdnbeth

    great house! I would paint all the red cream or light blue. I think the key would be to just paint the brick columns the off-white/cream trim color, like in the photo I attached

  • cat_ky

    I agree, with the others, leave the brick, it looks nice but paint out the orangy, brown siding to a nice pale sea blue, or aqua paint.

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