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Have you noticed that strains of seeds that are sold

11 months ago

Have you noticed that the strain of seeds that are sold locally (not online) for any given genus usually suck compared to say some good old heirlooms, or whats sold from supermarkets?

-Some examples, watermelons, and cantaloupe seeds are usually sold as smaller hybrid early verities as a novelty . They don't even compare to a saved seed from a supermarket strain.

-Another is tomato seeds, again a lot of new novelty strains but nothing that stands up to my tried and true strains that I've been growing for over 20 years.

--Onions. Especially green onions, Saving the bulbs from a store bought onion meant for eating and then planting it is far superior to any seed from a pack or sets that I've ever grown.

-Various flowers.

Anyways, If you don't agree that's fine but understand that some seeds get a patent, and some don't and it makes sense to sell patented seeds that aren't necessarily as good.

/rant off

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