Have: Several uncommon native woodland sedges

Dan Carter
March 18, 2019

Among the harder to find woodland sedges, I have Carex communis, Carex hitchcockiana, Carex albursina, Carex hirtifolia, and Carex pedunculata. I also have a lot of other woodland sedges more often found in the trade (e.g. Carex blanda, Carex muskingumensis, Carex eburnea, Carex pensylvanica). I am a botanist that does site assessments for a living, and these are either propagated from SE WI seed or plants rescued from sites being develped (division and/or seed). I don't have a lot of time now to deal with exchanges, but if someone out there has Trillium nivale, Trillium cernuum, Trillium flexipes, Dichanthelium latifolium, or Asclepias amplexaulis (seed) that are sourced responsibly...divided from their own garden/property or of garden origen, or in the case of the milkweed, seed collected legally or with permission...I'd be very interested in a trade.


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