modernize exterior porch and entry walk for 50s ranch

Lara Daly
2 years ago

hi houzz peeps! currently to get to the front door of my 50s rancher in the woods in northern California, you have to walk up a driveway and across a curved brick path to a tiny enclosed porch. now I am adding a "grander entrance" by adding cement pavers from the street straight to the front door. I am extending the porch with cement out past the roof line. the pavers will be about 3x4 with gravel in between about 4 inches apart and leading straight to the porch. the look is intended to harmonize with the backyard patio and stairs shown in the last photo and minimize the prominence of the curved brick pathway and long brick driveway. The transition from curved brick to cement paver is a challenge. Also the size of the step to get to the porch and how to introduce this new material and make it work. does anyone have any opinions about this effort? will these choices modernize, harmonize, give a grander entrance and also function?? would u add other features or remove anything? thanks!

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