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Good looking vinyl flooring that can withstand temperature swings

lll vvv
March 19, 2019

Been looking at LVT/LVP for home in Colorado. Most of the installation and maintenance guides say the temperature should be kept between 65 - 85 degrees (during and after).

Can anyone recommend a product that can handle slightly higher and lower temps?

We don't have air conditioning so it gets above 85 for a bit in the summer. Also we keep the house cool at night, so is regularly 58ish in the winter (and if we loose power can go lower). Also it is very dry here.


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  • suseyb

    SuperCore by We Ship Floors. Not a seller, just a happy customer.

  • Kitty Lanier

    I second SuperCORE. We’re about to install 1500 square feet in our home in Mississippi.

    WeShipFloors.com There is a lot of info on their webpage about the SPC rigid core flooring. Be sure to read SuperCORE 101 on that page. SuperCORE is made of limestone and plastic which gives it more stability than the vinyl flooring made with wood and plastic.

    There is a huge thread here on Houzz—Adura Max versus Coretec which has some good info on SuperCORE and photos of customer installed floors including suseyb’s.

  • silken1

    i used EZ Lay loose lay flooring in our cabin which is heated to 55 F in winter when we are not there. The loose lay products can be glued down but sure not necessary. They don't shrink and expand because they have a fiberglass core in them which prevents it. Their sister company is Drop and Done. I liked mine enough that the next year I put some in our TV room at home.

  • SJ McCarthy

    I was going to suggest EZ Lay or Drop N Done. They are products out of Korea that are DESIGNED to handle higher temps (most of Korea uses in-floor radiant heat for their home heating systems). They have a MUCH higher limit (I think it is around 100F or higher). Which means they also have a lower minimum temp as well (again I want to say somewhere in the 50's).

    Go ahead and look them up. They are some of the most stable products on the market AND they allow 4mm cork underlayment under their planks....which is SUPER RARE with vinyl.

  • silken1

    I did a lot of research before going with the EZ Lay. I read that LVP made in Korea is often the best as they have been using it for many years and the quality is right up there. I also found that there is almost no waste since the planks can be flipped end for end because they have no click lock on 2 sides. You can vary the visual patterns more that way and use cut ends at the edges of the room that often go to waste with the click lock type. You still always need to butt up factory edges to each other, not a hand cut edge. They go tight against the wall, no 1/4 inch gap. So there is no shifting of floor after it is all in.

  • lll vvv

    Thanks everyone!!! I didn't know about this product. How does it look? I hate the look of some of the coretec stuff I have seen in the stores (looks super plasticy).

  • lll vvv

    I got some Modin Flooret samples and they look super plastic to me

  • lll vvv

    Just found the other thread where they are talking about www.republicfloor.com and their temp ratings are -22F - 158F

  • suseyb

    SuperCore is listed as follows: SUPERCore is not recommended where the floor might experience temperature extremes beyond -30°F (-34°C) or greater than 155° F (68°C). Occupied use temperature range is assumed to be between 55° (13°C) and 100° F (38°C).

  • silken1

    I don't feel mine look super plasticy (two different patterns and colors from EZLay and Drop and Done. But I guess it is subjective, and depends how the light shines in on them etc. Hardwood wasn't an option for me in either case, so I am happy. I will say it has worn very well so far too.

  • Kitty Lanier

    lll vvv,

    I suggest you order samples of SUPERCore to see how you like it. Ask Barbara at We Ship Floors for 3 samples of each color that you like. When and if you decide on one, do as I did and order a full box to get a better look at it. None of the SUPERCore samples I ordered looked like plastic to me. I also ordered samples of Modin, CoreTec, CaliBamboo, Adura Max, and liked none of them. We have chosen SUPERCore Krypton. I have a full box, 10 planks, clicked together and laying on top of my oak parquet floor where I walk on them everyday. I love it and am anxious to get it installed. Everyone at We Ship Floors that I have talked with has been super helpful. You have questions, ask them. I will say, I would rather call than email or chat. I guess I just prefer a more personal contact, but I’m also from time before computers, email, cell phones, and chats.

    I love the SUPERCore Lumberjack Pine and really wanted that one, but it just didn’t look good with our furniture. There are some good photos of SUPERCore installs on the Adura Max versus Coretec thread. You will have to go back in the thread to see some of them.

    Good luck with whatever you decide. Choosing flooring is not easy.

  • suseyb

    It does depend on how the light hits it. Mine is quite matte, and in regular light, they have been mistaken for hardwood. However, I can tell that they are not hardwood in direct light, though we don't get much, if any, of direct light. Regardless, they are vinyl floors. They won't be hard wood. I'm super happy with how ours looks.

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