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old and new hardwood matching

March 24, 2019
I have a house built in 1997. We have hardwood in the living areas and carpet in the bedrooms. I would like to put hardwood in the bedrooms does it have to match the rest of the house?

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  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    amunger06 , Yes. There are several threads on Houzz with the same question right now. You are looking for Red Oak in a #1 grade. Those look site finished so your floor team can install the new floors and sand the old ones to match the new ones.

  • SJ McCarthy

    As Oak & Broad suggests the match would be SUPER easy. Red Oak is very common and very affordable. If we assume the hardwoods are original (finished in 1997), they are 22 years old (and counting). That means it is time to get down to business and figure out when to do a full sand/refinish.

    If you wish to add hardwoods to the bedrooms then NOW is the time to do EVERYTHING. A hardwood flooring store (Ma and Pa run/operated for 20+ years) will have seen this/done that for the majority of their career. This is their bread and butter.

    You will get an EXCELLENT price (wood + install + sand/refinish existing/new wood) when you put it in combination. You get this type of a discount because the professionals are ALREADY scheduled for your home...they are ALREADY THERE. Another day or two to get the whole job done is a drop in the bucket for them. This is super easy for them to schedule.

    If you were thinking of dropping in some site-finished stuff from HD (or the like) you would STILL be faced with a sand/refinish of the ORIGINAL stuff in the VERY NEAR future (the next 1-3 years...at most). That means paying for two crews to come out to the house and disturb your home twice. And you will pay for these visits twice. I know it sounds tempting to throw down some site finished hardwood ($4/sf + $2.50-$3/sf for install) right now, but it will end up being MORE expensive at the end of the day.

    Please check out your locally run hardwood flooring store and ask them to come out for a quote. They would be happy to do so. Let them know that you would like an estimate on installing "the same" in the bedrooms with a full sand/refinish for EVERYTHING. They should be able to come up with a quote for your situation very quickly.

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