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how would you arrange this room with the furniture already in it?

Alex Kenning
March 25, 2019

I am having a difficult time arranging my living room/dining area so that it looks good but is also functional. it is an oddly shaped room. Please ignore the mess from me rearranging the space so many times!
With the furniture seen in the room, how would you arrange it?
Things to consider:

  • I am renting this apartment until I move in November (hense why the couch is obviously a bit to large for the room)
    -renting therefore I cannot put any large holes (screws) into the wall, so no, the T.V cannot go on the wall.
  • the trunk will go eventually once I find a coffee table that will go nicely with the couch and carpet (suggestions?)
    -I will also be adding a accent chair at some point which you can feel free to 'place' in the room as well (also taking suggestions on a trending color/fabric/style accent chair that goes with the couch/carpet)
  • behind the blinds (to the left of the fireplace) is a sliding patio door. on either side of the desk (look at all photos) are hallways leading to the laundry/bathroom and the kitchen/front entry.
    -the door to the right of the book case is the bedroom
    -cable outlet for the TV is behind where the tv is currently. It could be moved and the cords could be hidden within the trim of the carpet but I've tried putting it on top of the mantle and I cannot find a way to have the cords not exposed.
  • I will NOT be getting rid of the dining table and chairs, sofa (which is a grey velvet) and book case. -The carpet is staying as well but I could move it somewhere else...
    The paintings do not have to remain where they are but I am keeping them somewhere if not there!.. everything else is either temporary until I find the right pieces or there because I needed a place for it.

thank you kindly!

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