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Exterior Paint Colors/Curb Appeal, Opinions Wanted

April 4, 2019

I recently closed on the house I've rented for 10 years and I started to replace the windows and am looking to make some upgrades. The house is a two family and was previously an antique store, a restaurant and a hotel.

I've attached historic/current photos. I should mention the main roof was replaced last year with a charcoal metal roof.

Any ideas at all to boost curb appeal and ideas for the exterior paint are appreciated. Thank you!

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  • PRO

    What does it look like today?

  • menajellybeana

    The picture with the awnings is fairly current and very much what it looks like today. Thanks!

  • cat_ky

    If the Christmas lights are still up, then thats the first thing that needs to be removed. The red bushes are overgrown and cut flat across the top and are pretty much an eye sore. I would remove them, and do some new landscaping. Unless the awnings are necessary for some reason, I would remove them asap. If they are absolutely needed, then, they need to be replaced, since they are very faded and old looking. It is a very nice looking house. Congratulations on being the new owner.

  • menajellybeana

    Thank you! The Christmas lights are down, they belonged to a previous tenant. I've thought about removing both the awnings an the shutters. They are not doing much for the exterior.

    As far as exterior paint colors, I grabbed a few paint swatches and am torn between trying to match the existing color or trying something darker like Sherwin Williams Perpetual Gray or Time and Space.

    The green trim will be repainted white and i plan on painting the porches.

  • suedonim75

    It doesn't look like the ramp is being used, can you remove it?

  • menajellybeana


  • suedonim75

    I feel like that would improve the look tremendously.

  • apple_pie_order

    Do you prefer cheerful and clear colors for paint or somber and dignified?

    If you will have a tenant in this 2-family house, you may want to coordinate new parking areas for both families, carefully marked off with paint and parking curbs. There may be no need for the extensive asphalt right up to the stairs and porch. New flower beds and foundation planting would be a huge improvement.

    An arborist could tell you if the large tree on the right side needs pruning to prevent potential damage in windstorms.

  • menajellybeana

    I like muted colors, i like the color below, the paint swatch is closest to what i could find that looks like that. Thoughts on how this would look on log siding?

    Time & Space

  • PRO
    Color Zen

    Light neutral siding, white trim & shutters, color pop doors, new awnings, minimize ramp & rework. This new look is well worth time, careful selection & a hired designer's time. Good luck :)

  • calidesign

    Remove the awnings and the ramp if it is not necessary so your house will look like a home and not a storefront. Remove the overgrown shrubs and replace with landscaping that will stay lower. Since you are replacing the windows anyway, I would try to make the top right and left windows symmetrical in size.

  • houssaon

    Here are some colors from Benjamin Moore historical collection. I think these colors would look good with a gray roof.

  • menajellybeana

    Here is a photo of the house with the updated roof, I'm struggling with colors, any specific suggestions as far as colors are appreciated. Thanks!

  • houssaon

    You have a lot of options with that roof. What color family are you most interested in?

  • menajellybeana

    I had gotten a few swatches of what i thought was grey from Lowes but i didn't really love any of them. They looked too green with the roof. i don't know if i'm choosing the wrong color grey or if the house should be a different color?

  • menajellybeana

    Update with awnings and shutters removed

  • decoenthusiaste

    Since you now have a disconnect in the color that was behind the shutters, consider whitewashing the house as it seems to have been in your 3rd photo. The siding looks a lot like logs which can whitewash well. I don't care for the little "outhouse" enclosed entry, but you might like some shelter from the elements. Are there historic restrictions on what you can do? I'm thinking a wide porch all across the front would serve several purposes. How much of the asphalt can you tear out? That will make for the most important element, curb appeal, to be worked out.

    Whitewashed Lake Cabin · More Info

    Rustic Family Room · More Info

  • calidesign

    After you've finished replacing your windows I would try to add trim around them so they are all consistent. Paint your two extra doors the same color that you use on your trim, so your front door can be more of a focal point. If you aren't going to use and maintain the window boxes it would be better to remove them and focus on the landscaping under the window instead. I would also widen your front steps and railing to be at least as wide as the enclosed portico.

  • Irene Morresey
    Crownsville Gray
    LRV: 20.58 INFO

    This color is part of the Historic Color collection. A collection of 191 time-honored hues comprises our most popular palette. Steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant colors of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces. Unveiled in 1976 to celebrate the US bicentennial, a collection of 191 colors inspired by America's historic landmarks.
    BM paint, remove ramp
  • menajellybeana

    Unfortunately I don't think that whitewashing would work. The house is painted so it needs to be painted again. There are no historical restrictions and I can tear out as much of the driveway as i need to. I like the idea of widening the steps to be as wide as the portico, i think that would look a lot nicer and I never would have thought of that. That Crownsville gray color is beautiful!

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