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Are Morning Glory Flowers Sterile? I See No Stigma.

10 months ago

My morning glory seedlings are now starting to bloom. They are the 'Nil' types and the 'Purpurea' types', hope I spelled that right. So far all I see are the anthers, covered in pollen.

BUT no stigmas. Are these going to be all sterile? I got the seeds from a wonderful lady here on the garden forum, and she told me she hand pollinated them. So there must be a stigma someplace in these blooms. But I cant find it in the blooms. Is it way down in the base of the bloom? Do I have to cut it open somehow to find it?? I have pulled apart 3 blooms for far, and see nothing like a stigma yet.

It is not up by the anthers. The one that has bloomed so far is a 'Nil' variety. Are they sterile?? I got seeds, so it MUST produce seeds.

Can anyone tell me how to hand pollinate these, or if they are all going to be sterile? IF so, where did all these seeds come from?? Help!!!

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