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Kitchen Counter Height taller than 36"

April 14, 2019

We are in middle of remodel. Cabinets installed. No counters yet. But last night I noticed they are 35'1/4" tall, rather than 34-1/2. 3 cm quartz counters will make finished height near 36.5. I'm not sure why cabinetmaker made them that tall. I do see it on the drawings as 35.25, so I guess my bad for not noticing that and inquiring (never in my wildest dreams would I think they would do height change without discussion). I am a short person, and standard already a challenge sometimes, but I did already opt for standard. Should I be concerned about another 1/2 inch? I did check our stove specs and our slide in stove will still work, with adjustable feet all the way up.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    That IMO is tolerable difference but I am tall and if I was to build a kitchen for just myself all my counters would be 39” high.

  • Ellen

    Patricia Colwell, thank you. I know it's just a little bit, but now I'm checking the specs on appliances. The slide in stove has a lip that fits atop counters and it's gonna be okay, but the dishwasher will have to have a strip of wood to attach between DW and counter, rather than be attached at sides. I prefer DW door to close right below counter, but maybe down a little will look okay?

  • espc10

    My custom kitchen was built for a tall person so I have the same problem as I am short and getting older/shorter. That lip on my slide in stove was a problem and the stove had to have pegs under it to raise it high enough above the new counter. We had to put a strip across the bottom of the stove to hide the adjustment...something, perhaps, for you to reconsider.

  • Helen

    It probably won't be an issue once everything is installed.

    Installed my cabinets are higher than might be normal because my floors are so high - self leveling plus cork plus plywood plus wood :-). I only discovered it because the space between my upper cabinets and counter turned out to be slightly less than what I had anticipated which meant that a side door had to be reconfigured - rolling problems that got resolved.

    I am on the short side and the height of the counter is finer prepping - FWIW, I have granite with a mitered edge. In reality, I had my bathroom sinks done with the new higher height that is now default and those make me feel like a child again who is just on the cusp of needing a stool to wash her face :-).

  • Ellen
    y'all are making me feel better about it. thank you. it just seems like a lot of fiddling with adjustments and "settling in" on my part, could have been avoided if they had been done standard height. it's so frustrating because even though it will all work out, I'm the one who has to make concessions while still having to pay the full
    bill for those concessions. if they have to adjust the stove, then I will probably insist that they redo the cabinets. as much as I'd hate the extra time that would take.
  • Ellen
    and for those of you whose cabs are a bit on the high side, what happened with the dishwasher? did you have a gap between the cabs and underside of counter? we will, because the dishwasher won't raise that high
  • espc10

    Another strip of wood was installed to cover the gap from the under the counter to the dishwasher running crosswise. All these odds and ends would not have been the case had the previous owner ordered standard cabinets. A local woodcraftsman designed and crafted all the cabinetry to fit the small space. I could never replace them without custom work. My cabinets are build up to the ceiling which is nice.

  • AFritzler

    Are you changing your flooring/ still need to install flooring.

    When we install cabinets in a house, if the floors are changing we add the height of the flooring to the height of the cabinetry so that once the flooring is installed after cabinets, the cabinets end up being at a 36" height.

    Perhaps thats what your cabinet maker did as well.

  • Ellen
    A Fritzler. we are getting new flooring. nope, the cabs are built 35-1/4" and will have quartz, which will be another 1-1/4" so they will be 36.5 when done. the cabs are lifted to allow the floor to be floated (due to the previous floor have lots of float). they WOULD have lowered them and embedded the cabs into the float material, but we didn't like the thought of that.
  • Ellen
    A Fritzler, I should clarify, they installed them NOT with the thought of raising the floors above the bottom of cabinets. to have 36 finished height, they would need to uninstall and reinstall. we just felt like that might open a bigger can of worms.
  • AFritzler

    Hmm, Odd but I don't think you will notice it that much.

  • Kimberly Hase

    We had our kitchen built intentionally 3 inches taller than standard. There's a strip above the dishwasher and the stove is on pegs. Not one person has ever noticed our kitchen is different from any other. Our biggest problem was counter stools. Counter height is too short and bar height is still too tall, even with the added 3 inches. We ended up cutting bar height stools to a custom height that works for us.

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