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Are asymmetrical built-in a no no?

3 days ago
We’re remodeling our house but will be keeping our fireplace where is currently resides. There is dead space to the right of it, and windows to the left. I love the idea of floor to ceiling built-ins but only have room to the right of my fireplace. Would built-ins only on the right side be completely off-balanced? Any ideas/thoughts are welcome.

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  • Claudianne
    Where are your lamps? I would put a chunky floor lamp with a large burlap shade there. I got such a lamp at Kirkland's.
  • PRO

    We need to see more of the room before we can comment.

  • Therese R

    pretty rug!

  • jbtanyderi
    Take shelving only as high as the mantel. Find a place to mount the TV at comfortable viewing height (SEATED eye level).
  • PRO

    Do not build this in. Take all the doo dads OFF the mantel, Get an av guy, and an electrician and some HDMI cable, and an ir repeater, and rid yourself of the cord to the tv. Your cable box can go anywhere. .........including a closet shelf

    Once that is done, get a beautiful standing lamp for that end of the sofa, and leave that space right of the FIRE.........blank.

    Get a coffee table too.

  • PRO
    CDR Design, LLC

    Yes. Built-ins on the right would look completely off-balanced. This room has a lot of potential. You need to get some basics in line, before adding more.

    I would recommend before you consider adding anything permanent that you

    1) Ask yourself why you want built-ins. Storage? There are other solutions. Cable management? All can be done wirelessly now. No need for that. Looks? Would not look good.

    2) Get a good floor plan in place. Even without other photos, I can tell you the current floor plan is not advisable.

    3) There is way too much clutter in the space. Please remove all of the items from the fireplace.

    4) You need lighting

    5) You need color-coordination. The blue art is connecting with nothing.

    If you post photos of the rest of the space, I could help you more. Thanks.

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