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Outside project... big brown house

Michelle Sarah
3 days ago

My brown house... I feel as though I am always surrounded by brown. So today I painted the front door blue. Wondering what people think... Should I paint the garage doors blue, white, or keep them brown? my plan was to paint the front porch banisters white with a brown textured floor. Thoughts? Also should I remove all the bushes. I see all these houses with the window frames and doors all painted I just dont know if I should try it or leave it.

Comments (13)

  • Claudianne
    Hi. Love blue and brown together. it looks to me the focal point of your home is the little balcony and door behind it. I would paint that door blue as well. I'd put a blue rug on the porch floor. The garage doors I'd keep brown
    , but I don't think you have the right brown now. I'd try to match it better to the base of the home. Some window boxes painted blue might look good as well. I would definitely stay away from white. I think that would be too much contrast.
  • cat_ky

    I like the blue door. A few more blue accents, and it will look great. It is a very nice looking rustic style house. Keep it looking rustic, dont try to make it something it isnt. Put your color into potted plants in bright colors. Would love to have your porch.

  • Michelle Sarah


  • pennydesign

    Try to resist, Michelle....the white just won't work with your style home...

    By all means get rid of the bushes, on the left, too, although I can't really see that side well..(I would probably leave the rhododendron...it's wonderful..)

    Probably your wood siding needs to be restained? I see a bit under the eaves that looks to be discolored..

  • daisychain01

    Oh, my grandmother had a tiny cedar sided cottage and did all the trim in that same blue. I think at one point she had the roof in blue shingles too IIRC. I'll see if I can find a pic.

    I also say no to the white, but there has to be something we can come up with for those garage doors.

  • cat_ky

    I agree, no white on that house. It is beautiful the way it is, and I also agree, it could use a new coat of stain. Please stop trying to change things, that dont need changing. Once you paint, you cant undo it, except to another color, and it will take away from what you already have. Oh, and NO to blue garage doors.

  • pennydesign

    What about some window boxes and flowers?

    Red looks absolutely stunning with houses like yours..geraniums, roses (if you have knock out roses where you are, do yourself a favor and plant those. Practically no work), petunias...

    Personally, I think the garage doors should be actually darker than what they are...

  • Nick Miller

    Love the blue door. I think you chose a nice blue, kind of muted. Agree with everyone else... leave the porch rails, garage doors, and windows alone.

    In addition to fixing up the landscaping a bit, some new steps and a porch entry light (if there isn't one already) would help spruce up the entry.

  • Izzy Mn

    While I like the blue front door and also the idea of blue roof shingles (kind of) I'm wondering if a different "rustic" color might work better.

    Possibly a rusty reddish color on front door, garage door trim and porch railing. I would paint the ceiling of the porch light color, sky blue maybe. The reflected light on over hangs and porch ceilings really make difference. A lighter color dimensional shingle would make a huge difference also. The black shingles makes house look really dark too.

    Also, when you are ready to stain the wood siding again (it looks to be a stain rather than paint) maybe use a lighter color. But I've never worked with stain on house so I don't know how that works going lighter.

  • cat_ky

    I like Izzys idea of a rusty red door too. Goes with the rustic theme of your house. No to rusty red on the garage doors and trim and porch railing. I wouldnt lighten the stain either. Unless you went to solid color stain, you couldnt lighten it anyway. The color you have already suits your house the best.

  • Michelle Sarah

    cut down the bushes... much better I think!!

  • cat_ky

    Yes, it does make a huge difference. Its those bushes that have left that darker moisture stain on the siding. Hopefully, that will dry out quickly. Your house looks so much like it belongs right in that setting.

  • AnnKH

    Well done! Those bushes had to go. I'll bet you love the additional light through those windows!

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