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In need of some curb appeal suggestions!

Alex Folk
3 days ago
Considering repainting our shutters and front door, replacing the lights fixtures and possibly updating the garage door in some way as well... Struggling to choose colors. Repainting the siding and the brick is NOT option at this time. This particular picture is a few years old. Those two bushes in the front are no longer there. We removed them and leveled out the ground to plant a garden of some sort. As of now that area of space is bare with just dirt. Open to any and all suggestions! Please and thank you!

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  • PRO

    Expand the walk. (If it has sunk, raise it so the step is not so high.) Plant a tree, a shrub and some groundcover.

  • PRO
    Creative Visual Concepts, Kevin Strader

    I immediately thought the shutters need to be painted the color of the front door and the front door needs to be painted the color of the shutters. You could also paint the garage doors the same color as the shutters, but leave the trim around them white, since the rest of your trim is white. I would remove and not replace the shutters on the double first floor window. Structurally it's not needed but an additional column on the front porch would look good. I would also add a bench, rocker, etc. to the front porch to make it look more inviting.

    There are numerous other color schemes that would work. If you are interested in seeing some virtual makeovers of your home check my web site, Creative Visual Concepts

  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    How clean and welcoming Yardvaark’s mock-up looks! I’d follow his/her advice, and add a big pot of colorful flowers just to the side of the door.

  • Kate E
    I think painting the front door to match the shutters is a great idea!
  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    Garage doors with glazing (glass windows) always seem more appealing that those without. So, if you could replace the existing garage doors that should help. Is that a light fixture above the garage door? If so, replacing with something more appealing is my suggestion. Painting the front door is a good idea as right now it's not really visually present. Landscaping will certainly enhance. The porch column seems way undersized. It should be a relatively simple process to replace it with something more substantial. The span of the porch roof seems a bit long for just one column. Would suggest placing a second column that falls between the window and the entry door. That should help increase the prominence of the entry.

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    I would expand the walk as far as the side of the window nearest the door and replace the scalloped edging with a flush masonry mowing strip, brick to match the house if possible.

    Notice in Yardvaark’s sketch that the plants in front of the porch are low. On the porch I would want a bench, a couple of chairs with a little table or a rectangular planter under the window. To match the tree framing the house on the left side I would add a similarly sized one to the right Of the garage. Plantings in the front bed should be a combo of flowering plants and evergreens so there is something of interest year round.. Some plants can fill both roles.

    Right now your house has white, brick, blue-green and creamy yellow, which to my eye is too many different colors, some of which don’t work well together. I would likely remove all the shutters or at least the downstairs ones, replacing the uppers with shutters that are half the width of the windows.

    For the long term, plan on painting the garage doors a midtone brown that you pull from the brick so they don’t stand out so much. Start saving to repaint the house a color that works better with the brick, either the same brown as the garage doors or a sage green. I would also look into getting a wrap that makes the porch pillar look more substantial. When you decide on the color of the house and garage door, then replace the lights and repaint the front door in colors that will work with the new paint scheme such as a bronze finish.

    You have a cute house, it just needs a bit of tweaking to bring out its best.

  • PRO
    Dig Doug's Designs

    some ideas:

  • Kate E
    Doug - what if she also painted the front door black? Too much?
  • PRO
    Dig Doug's Designs

    Black or other color door would not be too much.

  • celerygirl

    My rendering. I would not make garage doors pop up.

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