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How long do you go without opening a single window in your house?

Barret Smith
3 days ago

Its always been in my mind that I dont open windows every day that I will feel unhealthy or like Im suffocating or something. I always sleep with a window cracked. Open windows in my house for a little. Even when the heat or air is on.

Do you ever go long periods of time without opening windows? How long?

How do we not suffocate if you keep your windows closed all the time? lol

Comments (18)

  • PRO
    Windows on Washington Ltd

    Quite simply. You house is light years from being air tight. It leaks more than enough air, every minute, of every hour, of every day.

  • Karen Rose
    I never, and I mean never, open my windows. I do open my sliding glass doors and front and garage doors daily and multiple times a day.
  • armoured

    We tend to air out individual rooms by opening windows, roughly once a day depending on usage/personal tastes, kitchen more frequently (as much because it gets warmer and most usage when everyone around). Mostly we don't leave open for long periods, just a quick airing out. The house gets enough air circulation without much effort, so we're not fanatics either way.

    In summer months, windows may stay open for much longer - we mostly don't need A/C.

    Basement is a bit of a challenge in humid summer; windows mostly kept closed and dehumidifier running frequently.

    Exceptions/differences of opinion? Teenage boys want maximal privacy, rooms get stuffy, then want to leave their windows and doors open when they emerge from their caverns, resulting in drafts throughout the house (rather than just airing out their own rooms). Older generation tends to forget to close windows even when cold.

    But mostly comes down to personal preferences. Biggest problem is if someone in neighourhood has a fire - smokey scent can linger.

  • Diane R
    Never open windows except to clean the sills.

    We now live in a Chicago suburb which means very cold winters; almost six inches of snow yesterday. Spring brings inches of cotton wood pollen. If your unfamiliar with this mess google it, it looks like inches of snow that causes lots of sneezing. Then we get summer, hot sticky muggy weather where air conditioning is needed, although I hate it.
  • Sammy

    You mean windows actually open???

  • armoured

    Ooh, I've lived in a place with cotton wood fluff. Awful stuff.

  • iamtiramisu

    ^^what Sammy said. Between allergies in the spring/fall and central air for the summer, I flip my lid if anyone opens a window/sliding door.

  • Lady Driver
    Most of the windows in my house are open now. My bedroom window is always at least cracked. The only time all the windows in my house are closed is during a driving rainstorm or high Santa Ana winds, because they are strong enough to blow pictures off the walls. I live in southern California, so the climate is usually pretty cooperative.
  • Nancy R
    Diane R said it for me. I cracked open a window a few days ago for the first time since last fall and shut it rather quickly. It is currently 35 degrees here in Chicagoland so why would I open a window? I have found that unfortunately there are very few days during the year here when it is actually pleasant to have the windows open.
  • armoured

    I totally get where the Chicagoland members are coming from. In cold weather, we don't crack a window and leave it open - open it (even wide), close the door to the room for 5-10 minutes, come back and close the window. House doesn't appreciably cool down, the goal is to replace the air in that room, not regulate the temperature (rare exceptions); for that we turn down the heat. Note I'm not advocating for the need to do this (most houses, probably not) - we just like it.

  • weedmeister

    Months at a time.

  • dadoes

    14+ years thus far.

  • Suzanne
    My windows are open 10 months of the year. Love fresh air.
  • jmm1837
    It's autumn here in Australia - a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Windows in the master and living room are open, as is the double slider to the deck. Very few days, winter or summer here, with no windows open.
  • Shannon_WI

    I don't know if the OP is ever returning, but it seems to me that s/he does not live in a cold climate to even ask this question. Where I live, the windows are shut tight end of Sept through end of April. Then when spring comes, we can't wait to open them, even if it is just a bit too cold to do so, we are so eager to open them we might just open an inch or two just cause it's so great to finally do so. During the summer, it's intermittent opened depending on how hot, but most of the time it's not that hot here.

  • Elmer J Fudd

    Fresh indoor air is needed for the health of the structure and the people in it. Opening a door to enter or exit doesn't do anything. Keeping windows closed for even days on end is a bad idea.

    Those living in areas with extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) can install devices called ERV (energy recovery ventilation) or HRV (heat recovery ventillation) to provide an important and healthful flow of air while minimizing the intrusion of outside air temperatures. They work by exhausting inside air and using its heat (or coolness) to temper the incoming replacement air from the outside. They're not that expensive and provide a lot of benefit to the well being of the people inside.

  • Barret Smith

    I have returned lol

  • opaone

    Fresh outside air is critical to good health. Unfortunately we don't know what levels of what contaminants are unhealthy. Is 1000ppm CO2 OK? Too high? And on and on.

    On the upper end we only close windows if the outside humidity is above about 65-70% or temp above about 80-85°f. Or to keep rain or very strong winds from blowing in.

    On the low end we won't necessarily keep a lot of windows open when it's below about 45°f but will often have one or two open a few inches either through the night or for a few hours. I doubt we ever go more than maybe a week without opening some windows unless high temps are below 0°f.

    It's not unusual when we've had a cold spell (highs of -15°f are no unheard of) for a bit to see lots of people in our neighborhood open windows as soon as it's above 0°f one day.

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