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Shower tile help

The Copper Reef
3 days ago

Hi. Can you let me know what you think of the following ...

1) shower floor - marine blue penny square (I know, but it's NOT a round) (here on Houzz --- https://www.houzz.com/photos/1238x1238-jewel-porcelain-mosaic-floor-wall-tile-marine-phvw-vp~46759213)

2) The same marine blue penny square in the built in shower shelf

3) Penny white mosaic tile on the ceiling

4) white 4 X 12 subway tile on the walls

My house was built in 1936. I'm also doing white hexagon on the bathroom floor. Is this shower tile selection too much (hexagon, penny round, penny square, subway) or too boring (mostly white)?

Thanks, Lisa

Comments (15)

  • PRO

    I see no reason to tile a shower ceiling, I'd love to see the marine on the bath floor, and I would skip the shower NICHE entirely. Only because I hate all niches in showers, and for all the aginy that goes into one, do not see anything exciting about shampoo in any bottle.

    The marine and white subway? Love it. And no ......I'd not do a white hex on the bath floor. Possibly Too similar in scale unless at least six inches

  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    Without seeing all the choices together, it's a bit difficult to say. But my first reaction is yes, too much going on. The bathroom floor and shower floor should be the same, for a seamless look. Also, that very small tile with fairly large grout lines will be a bit difficult to clean. How big is your hexagon?

  • Mrs Pete

    shower floor - marine blue penny square

    I don't know about penny squares. Is this something new?

    I'm also doing white hexagon on the bathroom floor.

    I fear you're getting too much SMALL TILE in the room.

    Only because I hate all niches in showers, and for all the aginy that goes into one, do not see anything exciting about shampoo in any bottle.

    But that shampoo has to go somewhere, and I haven't seen an option that beats the niche.

  • PRO

    A bench beats a niche. : ) Just set it there lol

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    No niche a folding bench that can come out is nice I would take the floor tile and walk on one in your care feet it might not be that nice. As for a btter option for shampoo a nice shelf that hangs over the wall or the door and can be cleaned when needed is a much nicer option and I have never figured out why people want to accent a bunch of shampoo bottles in the shower. I also agree shower walls and bathroom floors the same is a nice seamless simple look. I like 12 x 24 tile for both .

  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Love the penny square tile with the 4 x 12 ... that will look great. I am not a fan of tile on the ceiling - I would leave that out. I like the idea of a hex on the floor but it would need to be bigger - too much busy little tile...

    I like a niche and I don't ... it depends on the "view" . If it can be tucked on a wall where it really isn't so visible until you are actually in the shower, then it is ok.

    I also like a separate 6" corner shelf for bar soap , if you use that..

    Good luck!!

  • arch13

    It feels like you've got a lot going on. I would go with one small scale tile for floors and niche accent (either white hexes or blue pennies) and the 4x12 subways for the walls and ceiling. I like the look of a tiled ceiling. Then again, I like the look of a niche. Shampoo and such are necessary evils of a shower and I'd rather give them their own little spot. A bunch of random bottles sitting on benches and floating shelves looks like dogshit. In my humble opinion.

  • Helen

    FWIW, I have various tiles and marble in my master bath.

    My bathroom and shower floors are basketweave Calacatta Gold marble.

    The walls of my shower are tiled in the same Encore 3' x 6" tiles as the rest of my bathroom.

    I have a fairly elaborate border design and accent wall - Artistic Marble marble mosaic framed with black and rose gold penny tiles.

    It's a lot going on but I love the final result - even the inspector who signed off on the final plumbing gave it an unsolicited thumbs up. It is the antithesis of the gray or white bathrooms which is what I instructed my designer on our first meeting - no gray and no beige :-)

    The white walls will have a Chinoiserie inspired wallpaper which is being made by a company I located on Etsy. The bench was covered with the same marble (French Vanilla) I used for the counter

    There is a bench below the niche which is done in the same marble as my countertop. I absolutely love the bench as it is incredibly relaxing to sit while I have a hair mask or other kind of in shower grooming going on. I installed two hand held showers so that I have one by the bench and one at the more usual spot by the regular shower head.

  • arch13

    Helen - you and your designer have an incredible knack for making 'extra' look incredible. Bravo to you both.

  • PRO

    Very nice design / tile work:)

  • Helen

    @T.F.W. - Thank you for the thumbs up on the tile job. I feel I really had a great experience with my designer and GC and all the vendors/craftspeople they have used. One reads so many horror stories on this forum - especially in terms of construction of showers and tiles - that it is becomes a bit frightening. One can do due diligence but in the end, one is trusting in the honesty and work ethic of the people one hires because a lay person can only learn so much in terms of knowing whether work is being done correctly.

    My G.C. was here today because I had some touch up painting to do and he has generally gone above and beyond in terms of trying to make things as easy as possible even when I jokingly remind him that we are now in the thirteenth month of my remodel :-).

  • PRO

    Good for you Helen, the takeaway is you were educated as you could be and dillegent in hiring . Anything good is worth waiting for.

  • PRO
    Designer Drains

    Love where this is going!

  • Helen

    @Designer Drains - I have been waiting for the two drains I ordered from your company LOL. Every time I look at the silver builder grade ones which were installed when the shower was "finished" after the remodel, I am reminded :-).

  • mvcanada

    I really love that marine blue penny square. i think it will be really lovely.

    I don't think you need tile on the ceiling at all. And if you do feel you need it, I wouldn't do rounds when you have squares elsewhere.

    I think it will look fantastic with the elongated subway.

    It might be hard to find a match for the colours in the penny square but would you consider something other than the white hex on the bathroom floors? Why not the same blue penny square on the floor as well as the shower? It depends how big your room is.

    I saw a few on the Tilebar website that might be cute to kind of mix the blue with the white.

    I feel like the bottom one looks a bit vintage which would be good for the era of your house.

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