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Should I keep my water closet when renovating my master bath?

3 days ago

We’re in the process of renovating our old master bath. Being a home of the 90s the master bath isn’t huge but we’re planning on making it feel bigger by eliminating the big tub and just putting in a huge walk-in shower. In addition, we’re debating taking out the water closet to give more floor space and just having a partition to the toilet area. Would love a professional recommendation/advice; Is open space, or a private water closet more important?

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  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    That all depends on your personal preference. I really dislike large bathrooms with the toilet out in the open. So when we enlarged our master bath I was adamant on having a separate water closet. Open space for the sake of open space is not a good choice. It needs to function first and foremost. We also chose to have a large shower in lieu of a tub, as we don't take baths much and have a tub in another bathroom.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I see no purpose in a separate space for a toilet inside a bathroom It is a bathroom they have toilets get a nice one and god help the person who comes in to use it while I am in there. If you think that little room helps with anything it doesn’t. In europe where the toilet ins in a room separate from the bathroom it makes sense.

  • ssdarb

    I like having a water closet in the master because typically 2 people are using the room to get ready for the day at roughly the same time. The comment above illustrates that point by saying no one dare come in while one person is in the room. The WC eliminates that issue.

    Also if a WC is expected in your neighborhood, it could hurt resale value if you take it out. It would be a hugely negative resale issue in my neighborhood because we’d be the 1 house in hundreds that didn’t have a WC. You might want to ask a local realtor about that.

  • Karen Rose
    I look at a LOT of new homes and every single one has a water closet in the master.
  • Eleanor Smith-Litt

    I am putting one in my new addition. When two people use the bathroom I appreciate the privacy. Actually it is not a new concept. I am adding on to my 1950's story and a 1/2 and the long bathroom has an original sliding door with frosted glass.

  • hummingalong2
    I don't care for the look of the open toilet in the bathroom, regardless of how 'high end' it might be...a toilet needs it's own space and privacy.
  • Oliviag/ bring back Sophie
    we thought a lot about a toilet chamber in our new build. we decided on a full wall partition, but no door. wide entry.

    FWIW, we are retired. but, most couples are pretty used to each other...
    so the toilet area is screened from view, but no one is confined. fan above the toilet. works for us.
  • PRO

    I have never designed a Master Bath without a separate room for the toilet. Most people prefer privacy and since it is a Master bath, two people will be sharing the space at the same time very often. For resale, a separate toilet room is important and could cause a lost sale. When possible even hall bathrooms are more functional with some privacy for the toilet and tub area.

  • bellburgmaggie
    I just went through this same issue in my renovated master. I went with the large shower and no tub. The toilet area is behind the shower wall for privacy but its not in a closet. It’s considered bad design to be able to view the toilet from the entrance to the master bath in an upscale remodel.
  • sharron08
    Please don’t take it away. A master bathroom needs a separate room for the toilet-I believe that will never go out of style. People are talking about visual privacy only but what about smelling privacy?! Best wishes

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