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How do you keep the floor behind a free standing tub clean?

We are planning a bathroom remodel and I am interested in a free standing tub. My husband is concerned about being able to clean behind the tub around the base. For those who have free standing tubs, what have been your solutions?

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    You only use a free standing tub when you have ADEQUATE SPACE for that tub. This means at least 18 inches on the back and sides of said tub and more is better, and less make the issue you just asked. PERIOD.

    If you have to ask? You have not got room for free standing.....and should consider a more built in option with some deck around that tub.

    Just because you see online photo's of less ideal configurations with said free standing tub? Does not in any way mean the maintenance of the area around them will not be filled with dust, goo, hair, and the debris that is automatic in a room where you shed the most skin.

    You asked....................so let's assume NO. Or you hire a very patient and limber cleaning lady, who eats......not much. There is just 18" behind the tub below, more on the ends. Yes, she has cleaning help. Weekly. And a very good mop.

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    You want more this:


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    HALLETT & Co.
    Make sure it is pulled away from the wall enough that your have access- at least a foot on all sides.
  • Karen Rose
    I only have about 6” of space so obviously can’t get my self back behind it. First off I don’t find it gets that dirty but I don’t have kids that use it and I don’t use it that often myself. But I just use a swifter duster on an extender pole back there and swipe it a few times.
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    CDR Design, LLC

    Jan has it correct. Do not put anything in your home unless it has some practical use or it looks beautiful.

    What happens is that people take a beautiful, practical item and try to place it everywhere. Doesn't work.

    The beauty of a free-standing tub is that it is free-standing. They look gorgeous sitting in the center of a huge bathroom. They are neither practical or nice-looking shoved up against a wall.

    it is not just the fact that it is very difficult to clean it.....it is the fact that one looks at it and thinks.....gee, I wonder how often that is cleaned? And it is just disconcerting when you try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Something is offsetting about it.

    Here is another consideration: no place to put soap, towels, etc. You have to add a stand, which is another piece or clutter and something to clean.

    In a few years, I can guarantee you, people will be ripping out these "oh so awful free-standing tubs from the 2010's.

    Having said that, you are the homeowner. if you want to put a free-standing tub anywhere and you like it, that is your choice. Just showing you the drawbacks.

    So, I would ask myself these questions: Why do I want a free-standing tub? What are the benefits and the drawbacks of adding one? Only you can say if the benefits for you outweigh the downsides.

    Much success to you!

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    In a perfect world, these are a SCULPTURAL element in a room. Yes.....you need room for a side table, or you purchase an Over the tub rack for bathing needs.

    But the beautiful intent of a free standing is lost without air and space around it. In the end, it is a vessel holding water, and there are plenty of ways to get THAT.

  • Tricia Augsburger Jornada
    Thank you for all the feedback, I appreciate the advice.
  • ssdarb

    My friend fell into her empty tub trying to clean behind it. She broke her ankle when it got stuck between the tub and the wall. Her tub is one of those that is too close to the wall,

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    Debbi Washburn

    There are semi freestanding tubs. They do go flush against the wall so you only have to get to the sides to clean.

    That might be the answer for you....

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