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How do I decorate the 1st window on the left?

Lj Krawczyk
3 days ago

Should I continue with the hanging planter scheme? (Like the windows on the right)


Should I create a faux stained glass look?

(see additional pics for ideas im currently researching)

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  • Lil S

    I would not continue with the hanging plants. They're appreciated more in a single area. Do you not have a nice view on that side of the house?

    Lj Krawczyk thanked Lil S
  • bpath Oh Sophie

    I would not continue the plants there, mainly because there's a lot of activity over there and they won't like it, and while herbs would be handy, they might also get in your way the rest of the time.

    Lj Krawczyk thanked bpath Oh Sophie
  • erinsean

    I like the green stained glass or keep it plain.

    Lj Krawczyk thanked erinsean
  • Lj Krawczyk

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

    @ Lil S

    No I do not. The windows look right into the neighbors windows.


    They are all fake plants. But ”getting in the way” was one of my concerns. That window is the go to window when airing out the kitchen.


    plain is not an option. I hate blinds but i need something that will cover the window & let some light thru.

  • Lj Krawczyk

    A co-worker has suggested to do both?

    Faux stained glass but with a single bar of hanging plants at the top so i can still access the window if needed.

    What do you guys think about that?

  • Cheryl Smith

    Get a window film that is easy to attach and remove. Still have a pretty and functional window. Lowes Home Depot online sources. Please remove any fake plants and replace them with living if you want greenery in your windows. They will love it

    Artscape Trellis Window Film 24"x36" · More Info

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