Marathon II Lawn care - Coastal Southern California

Nick L
April 17, 2019

So we have clay soil in coastal southern California and my gardener who works in the area recommended Marathon II sod which he installed and made sure we had proper sprinkler coverage. This was about a year ago. 6 months into it, the two rows closest to the sidewalk virtually died and he came in and added new sod for those two rows. You can see the photos of the new sod that was planted 6 months ago.

At the beginning of spring, around March 1, I aerated and fertilized with 15-15-15. See the attached photos for how it looks today. Slight yellowing along the sidewalk and worse yet, we're getting through spring and I haven't had to mow the gross at all. It isn't dying, but it isn't really growing and I feel it is looking worse than it was.

It's now 6 weeks after the last aeration and fertilizing and I am thinking of doing it again, but I am not sure.

In March, we got a lot of rain so I didn't water at all, but now I have been watering every other day for 5 minutes. I put in a moisture probe into the ground and it is wet (maybe too wet?) so it isn't dried out, yet there is yellowing and it is not really growing.

I could provide more photos, but this is what I had in my phone. Any help would be appreciated.

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