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Hi, i have a drainage ditch across the front of my property and it smells and has all kinds of black stuff in the bottom. Its about 20 ft wide on each side of the culvert that goes under the gravel driveway which separates the two sides.

The culvert is working so its not pluged up but i know they did not quite put it deep enough so the ditch has to get some water in it (maybe 3") before it starts to drain. It does not stay wet all year but i would say probably 35 percent of the year it has moisture in it. And now days with all the rain in East Texas it has alot of water in it.

I have killed all the weeds down the middle of it with weedkiller and i checked into getting some big stone to fill the bottom of it so that it wont hold that much water but those larger stones are really expensive.

So i thought maybe i should try a different approach and work with nature instead of trying to defeat nature. I thought about planting something in the ditch that might fit this profile.

1. Grows or does not grow depending on how much water there is in the ditch. When not growing it can either just die and go away or stay dormant, i dont want to have to worry about removing it when there is no water or moisture in the ditch.

2. When it does grow it needs to manage itself (i dont want to have to mow it or trim it) and only get a few feet high at most, no more than 2ft tall.

3. It needs to flower or have a smell that will cover up the smell of the ditch water.

4. Non aggressive, i only want it to grow where i plant it. I dont want it taking over the yard.

Any suggestions on what i might look at for this application?

I have included a pic of one side of the driveway


Thanks :)

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