Lady in Red vs. Florentina

last year

They are both still quite new so I doubt there's many who have grown both, but I'd like to hear from those who've grown either of these!

Does the color fade? What sort of 'red' do you get?

How's disease resistance where you are?

Height and winter hardiness?

Uses - are these freestanding, fanned on a trellis, or obelisk/pillar roses?

Scent? Flower shape/petal count - 'Florentina' is more petal-packed, according to HMF, and looks more cupped/quartered; is that what you've seen?


Shade tolerance? More water-loving or drought-tolerant than usual?

Are your plants own root or grafted? Do you think it would perform better/differently grafted? A lot of Kordes roses got a reputation for being monsters on multiflora - does Florentina follow this trend?

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