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To Paint or Not to Paint (Ceiling -Stonington Gray)

April 23, 2019
last modified: April 23, 2019

Most of our first floor will be Stonington Gray. Looking for advice on painting the ceiling the same color or leaving it white. Second picture is similar to home and shows floor plan/natural light.

Comments (10)

  • Okilife
    Walls will be Stonington Gray
  • Irene Morresey
    The ceiling in pic and walls are painted in Stonington grey but are broken up with white beams. I would be inclined to paint ceiling white. BM decorators white seems to be the advice for ceilings with that colour, a nice crisp white. Stonington grey has a slight blue undertone. Looks a lovely kitchen
  • PRO

    NO. Don't.

  • PRO
    London Staging and Design, LLC

    I would leave ceiling white. Best wishes!

  • Wildcat Blue
    Go for it! Just remember to paint the walls at 50% strength of the wall paint. That way it will be the same color as the walls. I’ve had my ceilings painted the same color as the walls for the past 8 years. I love it! Visually it raises the ceiling height because there’s no break between the wall and the ceiling. Good luck!
  • deb s

    I love painted ceilings but would not do in the same color as the walls. The painted ceiling (even if in a lighter shade) will help make your trim work pop.

  • PRO
    Diana Bier Interiors, LLC

    Paint the ceiling the same white as the trim, in a flat finish.

  • Cynthia Abbott
    I’d stick with white! It’ll be beautiful either way though - enjoy.
  • jbtanyderi
    One of the best ceiling colours is Farrow and Ball’s BORROWED LIGHT.
  • Jennifer Hogan

    I have painted my ceilings white, have painted my ceilings thoughout with the nuetral that I used in the main living spaces and have painted them to match the rooms. Another option is to use an 80% white 20% wall color to give the ceiling a less harsh difference than pure white.

    In the right home a room with a different colored ceiling can be amazing, but you need the perfect space to make the ceiling your accent wall,

    My preference is to have color on all 5 walls of my room.

    I always use flat on the ceiling. Light catches every inperfection when you have a glossy serface and even an eggshell finish has enough gloss to show off imperfections on a ceiling.

    I do not use a slightly lighter color on the ceiling (often recommended). People say the ceiling looks darker than the walls, but it really seems that the edges of the ceiling are darker because of shadows. They are also darker/grayer when you paint your ceiling white. Each wall of your room gets different amounts of light and may appear lighter or darker than the other walls. I have never adjusted the paint color for each wall.

    I have not had issues with using the same color on the ceiling.

    I have had issues when getting a color reduced by 25% by the paint store. Each tint has a different level of transparancy and just adding or reducing by x% can change the hue.

    If you do use white it is best to have a hairline of wall color on the ceiling. You never see the hairline on the ceiling, but any white on the wall catches your eye.and screams "Bad Paint Job".

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