Woodland looking thorny plant for end of fence line?????

last year

We just added a partial fence to our yard and I would like to plant something at the back corner where there is a gap prior to a wooded area. The reason for wanting to plant there is that I would like to have a natural continuation of the fence that was not able to be extended into that area since it is not on our property line. We are allowed to care for that area and plant there, just not add any structures. I would also like to plant there to discourage my neighbors dog from entering our yard at that spot. I am hoping that by adding the fence and plantings my neighbors will get a clue, in addition to the conversations and text messages we’ve exchanged, that we do not want their dog entering our yard. Yes, I know if we really wanted to prevent this from happening we should have added the back section of fence. I unfortunately had faith in my neighbors that they could follow the leash laws in our area and keep their dog in their yard. I’d like to try the plants first and if it’s still an issue will call to have the back section added.

So, what would be a good plant to put back there? I need something that has a woodsy/natural look, tolerates shade, and possibly has thorns on it. I’m in zone 7a.

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