April 30, 2019

FOTESS stands for Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps. You must be a member of the group in order to participate in this swap. If you would like to find

out more about joining the group, contact sandlapper_rose/ Jeanne.



Happy May to all!!

For the month of May, the FOTESSERS will be swapping "A GARDEN IN THE KITCHEN...KIND OF".

We are all busy with life, graduations, weddings, traveling, spending time with our children and grandchildren, working, tending our gardens and so on. So let's keep it simple and not break the bank.

If you swap this month you will send to your partner.........

*Two kitchen towels (not wash clothes) that are garden themed. They might have fruit, herbs, vegetables, flowers, trees, cows on the range, colorful birds, frolicking ladybugs, a tired man (or woman) lounging on a hammock, a garden saying etc.....They are all over the stores and will be very simple to locate. I know that because I am buying them all the time. Very often, they come in two packs. One towel might be "garden" themed and the other might color coordinate. As well, include a happy note to your partner.

That is it...easy peasy!! TWO GARDEN THEMED KITCHEN TOWELS and a HAPPY NOTE!!!!!!!!! No boxes, no padded envelopes....a 9 x 12 manila envelope will do the trick.

Sign up here by Wednesday, May 8

Partners posted here Thursday, May 9

Send to your partner by Monday, May 20

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post here when you send to your partner.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post here after you have received from your partner.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post what you have received from your partner.....a brief description of your two towels will do. If you wish to post a picture, please do. If someone is nice enough to send your way, acknowledgment is simply the proper thing to do.

If for some reason, you can not log on to HOUZZ to post, please email me.

BINGO is coming.....we may need to go to the races as well..LOL!

Any questions, please ask!!

Thanks much!


Comments (157)

  • sandlapper_rose

    No guess on the travel you have planned, Annie, but I am answering about the attic fan. We have one. It doesn't get used a lot. By now the air outside is too hot for it to to any good if it's drawn through the house and the attic fan doesn't do anything to reduce humidity. Our fan has a timer so sometimes in the Spring or Fall we might set it for a little while to make the upstairs a bit cooler before we go to bed. It has a strong fan to it and we usually need to put something against the inside doors to the bedrooms if we are using the fan or they slam shut and then the rooms don't get any benefit from the fan. Also, it's very loud and we seldom open our windows ... so for here, I don't see they are that useful. Sometimes I'll run just a regular fan in our bedroom on low just so we have some air flow.

    Perhaps attic fans are a lot more useful when the temperatures don't get this hot and there is less humidity. I think when we first had our house built the air conditioning unit for upstairs wasn't strong enough so it was hard to get it cool upstairs and we used the fan more then, but still only for a short time before we went to bed. Now we have a larger air conditioning unit for upstairs - just thankful to have it cooler up there with air-conditioning.

    I'll be the hostess in June so I hope everyone will check back then. I think you'll find the discussion for the month to be interesting and the swap will be very simple and inexpensive. At least here, it's too hot to have much going on lately.


    canyonwind thanked sandlapper_rose
  • smitties

    Annie, are you headed to Vegas? Although the party girl you are, id think you been there several times. Lol

    we had an attic fan years ago in a house with air conditioning. We loved it. Always wish we had one in the houses we had after that.

    canyonwind thanked smitties
  • canyonwind


    BINGO anybody??????.

    20. May 13 Break Up With Your Cell Phone Day

    39. May 27 Memorial Day


    Thanks Jeanne and Margo for your insight regarding Attic fans......out here in Southern California, we don't experience the miserable humidity like so many of you. Being inland we do get hot but for the most part it is dry heat.


    My corny guessing game.....

    Margo, you are to funny.....haha party girl.......I just like to have a good time!!! On the other hand, it does not take to much for me to have a good time. Most important is the company one is keeping to have a good time.....and some vino or margaritas. But even when I have been with people who I am not crazy about, I still have a good time!!!!

    Where will I be traveling to in August for 9 days??? (Four points)

    Margo....BUZZ on Las Vegas. I have been to Vegas many times as it is only a 4-5 hour drive. I have NEVER spent 9 days in Las Vegas and I NEVER would. That would be to much time in Sin City....


    *I, of course, will bring along a few bathing suits

    *This place has many more visitors during the Summer months

    *Seafood, or course.....YUM!

    Thus far....

    Jayeanne 4 points

    Margo 2 points


    Happy Sunday to all!! Be safe!!


  • pinkiris

    are you traveling to Florida ???

  • smitties

    Myrtle beach?

    looks like I still need 3 more words.

  • jdmom78_8a

    same here... need 3 more words.

    Annie are you going to Mexico on vacation???

  • canyonwind

    Jayeanne, Margo and Urooj, so sorry to say....Florida, Myrtle Beach and Mexico are a BUZZ.


    *In the United States

    *Very kick back and relaxing



  • pinkiris

    relaxing at Pigeon Forge ?

  • jdmom78_8a

    when you said seafood, i thought of Gumbo - so Louisiana???

  • smitties

    How about Boston?

  • canyonwind

    BINGO time...DAYS OF MAY

    The boy has dipped in to the bowl x 3 this morning....just for you.....good luck!!

    There are now five little pieces of paper left in the fetching bowl.. If you are not sure if something has been called, email me. I just checked all of your BINGO cards (take that as a hint)...haha!

    28. May 18 Visit Your Relatives Day

    43. May 30 Throw A Pie At Your Friend Day

    24. May 15 To Wanda Day


    And my corny guessing game.....

    Where will I be traveling for 9 days in August? (4 points)

    Thus far....

    Jayeanne.…...4 points

    Margo...…..2 points

    BUZZ on Hawaii, BUZZ on Pigeon Forge, BUZZ on Louisiana, BUZZ on Boston...


    *one of those guesses (Hawaii, Pigeon Forge, Louisiana, Boston) is headed towards the correct destination.

    *In fact, I could be stopping (layover or a visit) at one of the four guesses above, but not on this trip.

    *Thank goodness, I found a place to go do one of my favorite tasting.


    Enjoy the day....Let us remember all the brave men and women of the United States Military who have died serving our country....God Bless them.



  • pinkiris

    hmmm.... cape cod islands... Martha's vineyard

  • beth_b_kodiak

    Good morning. I'm sitting here trying to catch up on posts.....lots going on and some great photos too.

    Been rough here../ bronchitis for several weeks that won't quit in spite of two different antibiotics and,outdoors, RAIN wind and sometimes hail. Seems like every day though I "know" it's not,lakes and rivers are high with more on the way.

    Ah well, still much to be thankful for as I see news every day of homes ruined by wind and floods all around us. Remember to count your blessings

  • canyonwind

    Beth, be safe......


    We are getting down to the nitty gritty......Baby J has fetched for you today. She knows this is almost a wrap! Good Luck!!

    22. May 14 Dance Like a Chicken Day

    46. May 31 Pull a Prank Day


    And where am I traveling to for 9 days in August??

    Jayeanne, BUZZ....close but be specific


    *You might see a famous face here

    *I am staying with family in a private home, not in a hotel

    Happy Tuesday!


  • pinkiris

    not sure what your asking, but Ill guess Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard >>> nobody else guessing??

    very very warm here, no rain for us yet for over another week. Most of my wintersowing has bit the dust. Have never seen them do this. They are scorched actually, with no recovery in sight.

  • canyonwind

    Margo and Urooj, Jayeanne needs and wants some competition!!!! Occurred to me...Margo and Susan are in OH....lots of tornado safe!


    * Not Oaks Bluff and not on Martha's Vineyard....but not that far away.

    Jayeanne, what wintersowed plants got scorched out? I would have thought you had planted them all out by now......


  • xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska

    It's cold here! We all have on long sleeves, hoodies and coats. Saturday we got an inch of rain. Last night pea sized hail for us up to golf ball sized hail an hour east and ah hour west. Windshield, siding, roofing damage. Still 'drifts' of hail that hasn't melted in some areas! No tornadoes this time!

    Annie, are you going to reenact a civil war battle somewhere and then have a fine wine tasting excursion? Cape Cod? Do you work on your accent while you're there? Heidi

  • pinkiris

    hmmmm.... Nantucket ... love love love this place!

    Let me get my list of my scorched wintersown .... LOL! I should have had them in by now but too late for that now.

  • pinkiris

    some photos for viewing LOL ... trash goes today so I am going through to see what I can 'try' to save, maybe a few lupines... not much. Still have 10+ days of no rain and high 90's to go ....

  • jdmom78_8a

    wow jayenne... love your little nursery. i have been busy with the month of ramadan so have not set foot in the garden at all. will try to get a pic of what came up on its own a bit later if possible...

  • jdmom78_8a

    Annie - wine and seafood... Maine???

  • canyonwind

    OK girls......Jayeanne is correct....4 points. .My sister in law and her husband have a home in Nantucket. But I do love Cape Cod the very romantic!! I want to do Maine bigtime...….

    Thus far....

    Jayeanne....8 points

    Margo....2 points

    Urooj, Heidi ect…..give it a go!

    Catch up with Jayeanne if you can...LOL!

    For eight points.....

    I saw a play a few weeks ago....not a high school or college production. What play did I see?


    *I have seen the play three times before, but not recently.

    *It is my all time favorite play.

    I will be back!!


  • canyonwind

    And Jayeanne.....what a shame losing all/most of those plants...….Your vegetables are all planted. Are they OK?

  • pinkiris

    Carole King Musical

    Annie... veggie garden is doing great! I am not good with keeping things watered, I think if I had these winter sown in the ground their survival rate would have been better. Seems like a weird start to this year, the weather ... cold, hot, frost warnings, scorching heat .... and the time is flying .... almost half the year is over. a little sad over here about the wintersown, as I had special ordered most of these, and the rest were from special friends. Even the ones Maggie sent, purple tails, as a second round, they were doing great, they too have bit the dust.

  • canyonwind

    Jayeanne, de ja vu.....I saw the Carol King Musical last October and used that in a FOTESS or OBF game when I was BUZZ on Carol King Musical. Nice try......LOL!


    *A movie was made of this several years ago.....I did not care for the movie.

    *There is much sadness and much emotion.

    Jayeanne, true, the weather has been weird across the country. Because of all the rain out here, everything is behind. In fact, most of my pole and bush beans rotted because of the rain. And I have had one heck of a time even getting basil to germinate. My tomatoes are at least one month behind what they normally would be. All of my WS flowers were behind as well. We have had very few warm days. You guys have the heat and we have had the rain....very weird. But I trust the HEAT is just around the corner for us......and more heat for you.

    Happy Evening!



  • smitties

    Things were fine in my little world last night but I hope we hear from Susan soon. She lives in Dayton and two tornadoes went through there last night. It went right over I75 which is the highway we had to go on today on our way to Michigan. Traffic was slowed to 20 miles an hour through the area as they gawked. The damage was unreal. Trees down or stripped of all their leaves. One business Building with every window blown out. A motel with the roof gone. Unreal.

    Nature has been so cruel this spring to so many areas. I hope all our members are ok

  • jdmom78_8a

    Annie - is it Les Miserable????

    Smitties - hope you get in touch with your friends and family. we were living in st. louis when the tornado came through Joplin, and we are now in Dallas and have been through hurricane harvey in houston. the devastation is just heart wrenching and the after effects are let throughout the region. for example, housing costs have gone up in dallas because of the cost of materials to rebuild.

    hoping everyone is having a good week. seems like it will be tough summer for fruits and vegetables, even though we have a lot of rain, we also have a lot of heat.

    waiting for Baby J to pull my BINGO word... come on doggies!!

  • canyonwind

    Margo, I am glad you are OK!!


    Baby J has fetched x 3....let's see if she fetches what you are looking for! Good Luck!!

    38. May 26 Eat A Large Pizza Every Hour Day

    17. May 11 Make Your Children Cook You Dinner Day

    36. May 25 National Wine Day


    And my corny guessing game got on the got favorite play is "Les Miserable" for 8 points

    Thus far...

    Jayeanne 8 points

    Margo 2 points

    Urooj 8 points

    And the finale question....for 10 points

    What is my middle name? LOL!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _


    *give me an "a"

    Later......I am off to have fun with my sister at Costco, Lowes I may not be back on until tonight.


  • pinkiris


  • canyonwind

    Congrats Jayeanne...…..anybody else????????

  • jdmom78_8a

    oh wow. i made it on the board!!! - happy dance -

    Annie is your middle name Marie?

  • smitties

    Annie, do you use your middle name as your first name? That would make your middle name


  • canyonwind

    Good Morning!!

    More BINGO Congrats to Urooj...…...I checked Shirley and Margo's BINGO card to make sure they were or were not winners. You both had the same fetch to WIN.....the last fetch in the bowl...…#5 May 4, National Candied Orange Peel Day. Game well played girls....

    And my corny guessing game...…..

    BUZZ and BUZZ on Marie and Ann.....Margo, My real first is Ann....LOL! Yes, really!!

    What is my middle name? 10 points


    * 7 letters (yes, one "a)

    * This is not a common "baby" name these days.



  • smitties

    Annie, this is a tough one unless I'm really missing something in your clues. Could be a thousand choices. lol I didn't doubt your first name was Ann, I thought perhaps were trying to trip us up as a lot of people use their middle names instead of their first.

    I don't know why but I'm trying Cecelia

  • pinkiris

    LOL ...Annie, well I remember you mentioning plays before and I am not good with knowing names of those, so I thought well, Ill try the Carol King, LOL! Congrats Urooj with the correct guess! I would have never guessed that, no matter how many clues, LOL!

    Ive been trying to finish up a painting project and had a ladder fall and hit my head, shoulder and spine ... so Ive put the painting off for now. my left shoulder is very sore and moving my left arm is painful, so not getting too much done around here. Still no rain forecasted for us until June 9 ....keeping fingers crossed. things are very hot and dry here.

    Ill guess Kathryn

  • canyonwind

    Jayeanne, my goodness, how in the world did a ladder fall on you? Please take care of yourself.

    And Jayeanne re: Carol King.....LOL!!!! LIke I said, "nice try"...……..hahahaha. Even if you have no idea on the answer, you always make a guess. That is part of the fun of it all.


    And my corny guessing game.....

    What is my middle name? (for 10 points) Q

    Margo, you know I can't make it to easy for you girls. You are all pretty smart and have a way of "figuring" things out.....LOL!!!

    Margo, I must give you a BUZZ on Cecelia.....good guess and a very beautiful name. In fact, I like it much more than my 7 letter middle name, that has only one "a" in it.

    And Jayeanne, I must BUZZ you on Kathryn.....a beautiful name as well.


    *the "a" in my middle name is either the second letter (ex Kathryn) OR the seventh letter (ex Cecelia) of the name.



  • brittneysgran

    What about Adelina

    Jayeanne - Sorry to hear about the ladder accident, we are really fragile when it comes to getting hurt. I had an ordeal while camping over Memorial Day week-end. Someone did not close the camper door PROPERLY and I was sitting outside checking my cell phone and the next thing I knew the wind had caught the camper door and it hit me on my right eye and head so hard I saw stars. I had vision problems and it turned black and blue.

  • smitties

    Darlene? I’m trying to think of names that aren’t as popular anymore

  • canyonwind

    Shirley, is everything OK??

    Margo and Shirley.....BUZZ and BUZZ on Darlene and Adelina. Adelina....pretty, pretty name.


    * the two other vowels in my middle name are the same

  • canyonwind

    Just realized it is the 31st of the month....need to wrap up!!

    And my corny guessing game....

    What is my middle name? (10 points) Q


    * "s" and "t" will find in my middle name



  • pinkiris

    Ill guess .... Theresa ?

  • canyonwind got it and you WIN!! Congrats!!

    Ok girls, that is wrapppppppppp for the month of May. Thanks all for playing!!!!

    I will work on prizes for all of you winners....soon! I will attempt to remember to post after I send prizes out!!

    Jeanne has posted a cool FOTESS swap for JUNE.....simple too!! Check it out!!

    Happy Friday....Happy weekend!!


  • jdmom78_8a

    jayeanne, how in gods earth did you guess that?? good job!

    thanks for a great swap Annie. I had a great time. Heading over to June....

    canyonwind thanked jdmom78_8a
  • smitties

    Jayeanne, I’m quite impressed. Congratulations.

    Annie, thank you for yet another wonderful time. Lots of fun. i appreciate all the time and energy you spent making this a fun swap.


    canyonwind thanked smitties
  • canyonwind

    Prizes are on the way to...….

    *Jayeanne....3 prizes

    *Urooj......2 prizes

    *Margo......2 prizes

    *Shirley.....1 prize

    Heidi......1 prize

    Jeanne......1 prize

    Small prizes here, nothing fancy.

    Please email or PM me that you received.

    Happy day!


  • smitties

    Annie, received my prizes. Email has been sent. Thanks for an awesome swap. Margo

  • pinkiris

    Annie ... thank you ever so kindly for the adorable FLAMINGO garden flag.... LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I LOVE flamingos .... already have it hanging up out front =)

  • pinkiris

    Annie .... thanks so very much for the prizes, love the red/white/blue clips! and the burts bees 'peach and willow bark' exfoliating facial towelettes, have never tried before. they smell soooo good. Hope you are enjoying your gardens, happy gardening!

  • jdmom78_8a

    annie! love the prizes you sent! thank you so much. my prize 2 showed up on saturday... my garden flag blew away but the kids were able to chase after it! it matches my garden so well, will try to snap a pic!

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