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help! what is off??

Janelle Ayuste
May 3, 2019
Help me with my formal living room

Comments (14)

  • gigirambles

    You may want to step back and take pictures that show the entire area. My first instinct is that the coffee table is too far away from the couch - and that it is bare. The art is leaning there, I assume, while you are deciding whether or not you like it. If you LOVE it; hang it. If you don't, then return it and resume your search.

  • yvonnecmartin

    Don't use so many matched pillows. Preferably one, but no more than two.

  • lynartist
    I like the sofas and rug ; they look great with your warmer wall color. The gray pillows and art ... not so much!
  • lynartist
    I can understand wanting a monochromatic color scheme but you need to bring in some warmth to tie in the rug and wood tones in your room!
  • jck910

    New art. Taller floor lamp although I would prefer a table with a lamp in that corner. AND we need to see the other 3 walls.

  • PRO
    Nandina Home & Design

    We recommend adding some decor items on the coffee table, and we might replace the lamp with an end table with a lamp on top of it.

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  • PRO
    Focal Point Hardware

    the wall art isn't the right choice. it doesn't incorporate any of the warmer tones and therefor giving a mismatched feel. if you like the gray and black tones you need to get wall art that incorporates the warm tones WITH the gray and black in it as well. then you can use the pillows you have along with another type, texture, color pillow.

  • Brown Dog

    I like your wall art. I'm assuming it's currently sitting on the back of your couch and not hung, correct? Because if it's actually hung on the wall, it's WAY too low. Hard to tell about anything else without seeing more of the room. What you have looks like a good base. Your pillows are very bold and too matchy matchy. If you want to go for the multi-pillow look, the patterns and colours should vary, maybe have 1 or 2 bold pillows that aren't the same. From what I can see, I think you're on the right track, just need to accessorize a bit. Add some books and a big bowl to the coffee table.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Are those three pieces leaning on the sofa or standing on the floor? What you hang behind the sofa will look more balanced if it fills 75% of the width of the sofa or less. If they are standing on the floor, consider having them hinged together to use as a screen. Hung, they should be 5" above the sofa.The coffee table should be 18" or less from the sofa it best fits with size wise, so it can be useful to the seated people.

  • chijim

    I think your art might look interesting being hung horizontally(stacked)

    In your lamp. maybe a tubular Edison bulb might be a better fit

  • katrina_ellen

    From the photo it looks like the coffee table should go the other direction. If you are going to keep the art I would get different pillows - something with more variation, the intensity of the greys are too similar.

  • celerygirl

    I am not a fun of your wall art. May be you go with something more interesting.

  • lindahambleton

    A glass top coffee table and a chrome lamp.

  • lindahambleton

    Put your fingers over the wood topped coffee table and the lamp and you will see how pretty the room is.

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