12 x 24" tile too large for small bathroom?

May 13, 2019

Renovating a 4 x 8 master bath. Shower is 32" wide (fixture side) x 43" long. Wanted to use a 12 x 24" porcelain tile for a transitional/contemporary look, but am not rethinking the grout seams on 32" edge, which will also hold a frameless or semi-frameless sliding shower door. Tile is also made in 4 x 12".

Should I use the large tile on the floor and the smaller tile on shower walls? Am tiling up to the 8' ceiling. Attaching a picture of the board at the tile shop. If you blow it up, you can see the 4x12 on the top, the 12x24 below the border, and the 2X2 I will use on the floor.

Do you agree that I need to keep the tile horizontal and not vertical in such a small room. There is a small high window on the opposite side from the shower, but otherwise the open space just has enough room to barely hold a 30" vanity and a small toilet.

Was going to skip a border to visually keep from breaking up the space and looking dated in the future, but wondering if a small border would make it more interesting. Toilet and vanity are white, vanity top is light gray quartz (Pental Quartz Gray Savoie).

Here is a picture of the tile with one of the proposed borders if I do that route. So far I haven't found a tile that would just be a texture change to use to break up the expanse and am not sure if the border is too bright and jarring. Any advice?


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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I love 12 x24 tiles in small bathrooms and I would forget the mosaic it is a dated look I like the 12 x24 on the shower walls and you will of course need smaller tile on the shower floor.

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  • christoper

    I agree with Patricia, don't break up wall tile with border. love the 12x24 tile.

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  • PRO

    A32” wide shower in a master? That needs fixing more than your overscaled tile choice. That’s a Before a remodel, not an After. Fix the bigger layout problems before you get involved in product selections.

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  • badabing2

    I did the 12x24 on the floor on 1/3 boundary like so (shower was 12x12)

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  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Had a customer with a small shower ( 36 x36 ) and low ceiling.. the 12 x 24 tile was great..

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  • Kathy

    We have a 5x8 small bath and I used the 12x24 on the floor and chose a type of subway for the tub area. I love the 12x24. It is same tile as yours. I think the 4x12 on the wall would be nice and the mosaic on shower floor. Mine has the sterling color grout.

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  • rguilmette

    thanks everyone. I'm glad you agree with the 12 x 24 because I really like the look. And I will skip the border tile which was iffy in my mind. For the person who told me to fix the layout size, I wish I could. Only eliminating my bedroom closet or an extension on the house could fix the problem. So I'm making the best of it. It works as a 1 person bathroom, and is off the master bedroom so it's not such a problem.

  • Toby

    Your walls have to be straight for the large format tile. That wasn't emphasized by my GC and the tile salesperson when we discussed the layout in detail. We only discovered we will need to have the drywall feathered or replaced after the tile was laid and we have a wide gap between the tile and the drywall on one side of the shower.

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  • rguilmette

    Toby, do you mean you have a gap behind the tile? If I am going down to the studs and rebuilding all the walls, is it risky to think the GC will get them in straight enough to use the large format tiles? I love the look but am still a little concerned about the large size in such a small space. But I think the 4 x 12's look busy.

  • Kathy

    Rguilmette. I just realized now why my installer ripped out the bottom portion of my drywall on the longest wall my tile butted up to. The room probably wasn’t square. I know he had to correct a few twisted studs on the vanity wall so it would fit correctly. It hadn’t dawned on me that he had to do the same on the longer tiled wall.

  • Toby

    Yes, there's a gap behind the tile. The new shower is straight and square. The wall isn't so it needs to be corrected.

  • artemis_ma

    Yes, the larger tile works. And I appreciate that in remodeling, you have to work with what you have to work with.

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