Does anyone have a Roomba or something similar?

May 13, 2019

If so, do you like it? Are there big differences in brands/styles/features? Do they work on all types of flooring? Are they able to travel between hardwood and carpet?

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  • MiMi

    I have a Shark and I love it! It climbs from tile to carpet then to a thick wool rug with no problems. There are two of us here and I keep a clean house yet I’m always disgusted at what it picks up. This is the one I have I have it do the house In 2 sections, you can just set a box or just anything you have on hand in a doorway to keep it In or out of a room I also put it in a bedroom and shut the door then go retrieve it later

    Shark ION Robot Dual-Action Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 1-Hour Plus of Cleaning Time, Smart Sensor Navigation and Remote Control (RV720)

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  • Stan Areted

    I have a Roomba 980, a gift.

    This little machine is fantastic. While it does not take the place of a Dyson with attachments, mopping, etc. it somehow manages to get up against the baseboards, under beds, behind furniture, and it is tenacious in figuring out how to get everywhere it can. Yes, it easily travels across carpets, wood floors, and tile. If you move the furniture or place a box on the floor, it goes around that and remembers next time--if it's moved again, it will figure that out too.

    When it becomes full it docks itself and I'm shocked at the amount of debris that it can pick up. While I haven't used the delay start and the tech features, etc., the most effective method for this household is to put up a barrier/baby gate and let it work in a confined area--say the major living part of the house, with the home base plugged in that area. Then go do something in another part of your house. Our wood floors look buffed when it's done.

    I'm glad the first acquisition was when they made better machines than earlier models.

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  • maire_cate

    My son has a very expensive Roomba - the 7550. It was a gift from a client.

    It has a base station and when the unit is full it returns to the base and even empties itself. He loves it but never would have spent that amount of $ on it.

    When we got our Black lab DH also gave me a Roomba to help with the dog hair. That was 6 years ago and when it worked it was fine - but the dust bin was so tiny you had to empty it often, it was very noisy, and broke several times. Our local vac repair didn't work on them and Roomba wanted me to mail it to them - I just pitched it.

    edited to add: Even when I used the Roomba I still vacuumed every other day in the rooms the dog frequented - so it's not like I was expecting it to be my primary vacuum.

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  • Annie Deighnaugh

    My gf has it and likes it, but I don't think I'd want one. When it's running, it is *very* noisy, and because it's small and slow, it runs for a long time. She says she tries to start it before she leaves the house so the noise is less bothersome. I didn't say anything to her, but you can see where it doesn't get into the corners and under things. So you still have to run around and clean all the hard to reach stuff anyway. But since it hits the big areas, you have less incentive to bother to clean the corners and such. Also, we have central vac which is great in that it sucks the dirt and the air out of the house so you don't get that "dust in the air" smell from vacuuming, so I prefer it.

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  • allison0704

    DD2 had a Roomba at her last house. She used it daily to pick up pet hair and any crumbs. She still vacuumed twice a week (had 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 child). It picked up a lot, but was aggravating when the roller had to be removed to cut away hair, strings, etc. She would run when away from the house, as it is loud. DGS would run turn it off when it came on and they were home. LOL

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  • msmeow

    I have a Deebot. In edge-cleaning mode it will go around the whole house, including under furniture, and pick up the drifts of cat fur. It will go from the wood floor to the area rugs, but it sounds like it's struggling a bit on the rugs.

    I have tried it on whole-house mode, and it seems to meander aimlessly. It ran for a very long time and never decided it was done.

    I don't find it to be any noisier than the upright vacuum.

    I like it for doing the edges/under furniture, but I don't think I'd buy another one.


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  • grapefruit1_ar

    Thank you for the interesting thoughts. They seem pretty mixed! I was thinking of getting one for DD who has three toddlers and a cat. The floors are all hardwood with a couple of area rugs. It could easily run while they are at work but I am not certain how vigilant they would be with emptying when neeeded or ' cutting away any hair".

    I appreciate all insight..

  • Lisa G
    I have a Roomba. It's great if you let it run while you're not home because it's loud. It goes from hard floors to carpet or rugs without any issues but it doesn't clean carpet thoroughly the way a full sized vacuum does. It will pick up hair, crumbs, etc though.

    It has to be emptied pretty much everytime it runs (or every few times). The biggest complaints I have are that it can't navigate if you have black designs on area rugs (it senses that it's a cliff basically and turns off) and over time it's bumped into all of my furniture legs and has left marks on everything. You also have to pick up the house before letting it will pull phone charger cords/game controller cords/wires/etc around, can get things stuck in them, etc. I'd imagine little kids toys like Barbie accessories and legos to be an issue.
  • msmeow

    Like Lisa, I have to go around the house and move stuff out of the way of Deebot. And it gets stuck under the edge of the sofa (which is too low for it to get under) and under the front of the fridge. I wouldn't be able to run it when I'm not home to unstick it.


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  • isitdoneyet

    I have a Roomba and it's loud, gets stuck a lot, and it was expensive. I read somewhere that this one in the link was a good buy. As you can see it gets good reviews and I love it. It is so so so much better than my Roomba it easily cleans my entire downstairs and it does it so quietly even my dogs ignore it. When my upstairs Roomba quits I'll replace it with the eufy RoboVac. The only problem I have is with lightweight throw rugs but it moves onto my Karastan with fringe with no problem. eufy RoboVac

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  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    I had to do away with my dining room area rug when I got my Neato vac, named Rosie. My rug had fringe and Rosie got choked on it every time.

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  • aprilneverends

    I have a Roomba

    It has its uses of course, but alo has to be watched like a puppy

    I talk to it, doesn't answer back:)

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  • Stan Areted

    Ha--littlebug, I named mine FRED!

  • hcbm

    I have a very old Roomba. At least 10 years old. I have replaced the battery twice and on a regular basis take it apart to clean it inside and out. I love it. When I had cats it was amazing. It would pick up the stray litter and fur twice a day. Now I run it several times a week. The amount of dust it collects is amazing. Yes, it is noisy and you still need to vacuum under things that the vacuum is too tall for and the corners but it does keep the floors much cleaner and you vacuum less often.

  • rrvernon
    I have a Eufy which I bought on Amazon. I love that it goes under my china cabinet, sofa, and chairs. It’s great that I can run it while taking care of other tasks. The selling points for me were that it’s “somewhat” quiet, has a shallow profile, and good at picking up dog hair. I’ve had it about a year and have no complaints.
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  • rrvernon
    Oh yeah, I named it Rosie after the Jetson’s maid!
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  • btaylor10
    My Roomba, “Sonya” (named after our beloved cleaning lady who retired) does a great job. We don’t have carpets so cannot comment on that. Picks up cat hair really well. It’s not perfect, but does an excellent job. Yes, you have to prep the room, but this is minor and totally worth it. Every so often, we do a more thorough, deep cleaning with our Central Vac but for in between, the Roomba is amazing.
  • peaceofmind

    My daughter bought me a Neato for my birthday in February. I have both carpet and vinyl floors and she researched which model would be best for my situation. It has been a challenge to learn to use it but after three months I wouldn't want to do without it. We are retired and neither of us likes to sweep or run the vacuum. The dirt and dust it finds can be embarrassing. My daughter also bought a different model as they have all hardwood floors. I was using mine once a week and asked her how often she used hers. She said almost every day. So I'm using it twice a week and I no longer have to empty the dirt container during the cleaning time. She has hers set up to run from her phone and she can turn it on and off when she is away from home. Mine has that capability but we haven't tried it yet. I think they are expensive and probably wouldn't have ever bought it for myself. It's a great gift!

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  • raromeo
    I have a bobosweep and it came with a little block that shoots a laser beam that it won't cross. so I set that so it shoots a line to keep "bob" out of certain areas. I love to shut him in the bathroom for 30mins while i am doing something else! I just put the remote in plain sight so I don't forget about him!
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  • party_music50

    I have an irobot, named Bob, and I don't use him nearly enough! He's great when I need to do a quick cleanup because I let him do the floors while I do the rest. He's also terrific for running under beds, etc. He has no trouble climbing or maneuvering over slight changes in height.... I recently watched him climb some shoes. :) He did swallow some fringe on a throw rug once and then proceeded to drag the entire rug across the floor until he erred out and complained. Bob is strong and persistent. :)

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  • msmeow

    Littlebug, my Deebot is named Rosie, too! Is yours named after the robot maid in The Jetsons? LOL


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  • pennydesign

    This is a great thread for me since my roomba died a while back and is too difficult for me to fix. It would have to go back to the manufacturer...and I understand it will be an expensive fix, too...So I'm wondering whether to fix, do without, or replace...

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  • littlebug zone 5 Missouri

    Of course, Donna! (Though my kids said, “The Jetsons? Who are they?” Haha.)

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  • Michele
    I received one as a gift a long time ago. I don’t use it as much as I used to because I like to run it when there’s no one around. Everyone has crazy schedules here and it’s a noisy little machine. Doesn’t bother me one bit. (I find it amusing in a way.)
    I always use it more as a tool to keep the floors clean. As an experiment I have sent it around a thoroughly vacuumed and mopped floor. It never ceases to amaze me. It always finds something. (We have a cat) She doesn’t care for it!!
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  • Olychick

    I've had two Roombas, Ramone and Ramone2. I liked them well enough, but they didn't last well and I only run them occasionally when I don't want to haul out the vacuum - so not good return on my $$. I replaced the last Ramone with a Shark and am surprised by how much I prefer it over the Roombas (generally don't like Shark products). It's much easier to empty the dust bin, the brushes don't seem to get tangled with hair as often. It goes on floor over area rugs and throw rugs with no problems. Highly recommend it!

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  • J Corn

    Love our Roomba. It won’t go on one dark shag area rug ( sees this as a steep drop) but the rest of our floor surfaces have no rugs. I set it to run when I’m not home or when I’m upstairs and it’s downstairs. I do a quick pick-up of any larger scraps of paper or similar items like a stray rubber band or twist tie that has landed on the floor....takes a minute at most.... and let the Roomba handle the rest,

    It even navigates around and through our kitchen table legs. I’m always amazed by how much dust and small pieces of debris it collects...and wow, does it handle baseboards well.

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  • Sharon

    I love my Roomba 960, her name is Rosie. She doesn’t take away the need to use a regular vacuum, but she makes an enormous difference in the day to day cleanliness of my floors. I use the WiFi to start her while I’m at work.

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  • pennydesign

    Well, I did go ahead and purchase the above ..(eufy) .I think it's great. It's got a remote that you can use to direct it, circle spot vacuum, edge clean, and adjust the suction. Or set it to go automatically. I have long hair and I was always having to unscrew the side brush on the roomba, but these (2 of them!) pop on and off. Also comes with 2 extra side brushes and a tool to make the cleaning easy. There's 2 filters....

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  • Cheryl Hannebauer


  • nosoccermom

    My Costco warehouse has Roomba E6 off 70.00, for 329.00.

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  • Lyban zone 4


    can you tell me which model of eufy you got. There are so many different ones. Thanks

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  • pennydesign

    I got the robovac 30. I see it's gone up in price, but there's a coupon for an extra 30 off.

    I chose that one because it has the highest suction capability(?), and, at the time, was the least expensive. If you look at the Amazon chart comparing them, I see no difference between the 30 and the 12 except the 12 looks to not have the strips that you can put down to stop it from going where you don't want it to. They are, fyi, just sticky magnetic strips that I won't use.

    I didn't need the wi-fi or Alexa capability with it, so I took those off the comparison table...

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  • artemis_ma

    I love the Shark I have. I didn't get something I can control from a smart phone, but it does have WiFi of its own in order to return to the docking/charging station. Smart phone control apps are of little interest to me in the regard of vacuuming. (Although I find it totally amusing when guests who come to visit see the SHARK WiFi and ask me if that's how or to what they should sync their phones... NO.)

    It seems to have no problem with the two area rugs with tassles, and goes from hardwood to tile to rugs and back again with no issues. I do have one extremely small rug that is very lightweight and the robot bunches it up.

    There are only two places it hangs up - under the IKEA Pooang chair (there are two wood runners and sometimes it doesn't quite figure out how to get over them) and in my roll-in shower stall. Most of you probably don't have one of the latter - evidently the Shark isn't heavy enough to get over the rim that would flatten down for a real wheel chair (which I don't need now but I was proactive when I installed this.) The Shark comes with a strip you can cut as you choose, to prevent him/it from going where you'd prefer him not to go. Or to keep him where you really want him to deep-clean while you go about your day.

    I found Sharkey (that's what I named him) to be a better price value than the Roomba, although I haven't actually compared the two in a real live situation. This is simply the major reason why I went with the former. When I bought him, about a year ago, reviews were better for the Shark than for an equivalent Roomba, too. No idea about now.

    [I guess the only regret with Sharkey is that he came with a disclaimer not to put weights on top of him. Dangnabit, I really wanted my cats to ride around atop him, like you can see on some of those videos! But the cats don't really seem interested anyway. I'll admit they really aren't petrified of him, either.]

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  • Sara

    We just got the Eufy yesterday-love it so far! Great reviews on CR and I like that it integrates with Alexa.

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  • Lyban zone 4

    anyone that bought the eufy do you still like it. any tips or which models are better. I am still pondering this buy.


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  • pennydesign

    I love mine...I didn't get the "smart" eufy as I don't need it. It runs every day and the dust bin is full every day. We're not that filthy, really :)

    If you find one on amazon and scroll to the middle of the page, there's a chart showing the differences between models.

  • Sara

    It’s just been a couple weeks but we are still loving ours. Got the Eufy 30C-we are in the midst of a remodel so it’s working extra hard. I really like that it’s short enough to go under our vanity or stove and not get stuck, and the edge cleaning feature works great.

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  • motupeg

    I have a Roomba, primarily upstairs that is carpeted. I love that it cleans under beds and furniture. It has a full bin from 2 kitties every time I run it. I named him Robbie. I don’t mind the prep, cat toys, cords,etc., it saves me time. I use a vacuum cleaner at various times.

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  • Sara

    Oh my gosh. Last post made me laugh out loud. The robot vacuum created a screen name to post about itself! Artificial intelligence is real!

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  • grapefruit1_ar

    Haha, Sara! They apparently think we all have " artificial " intelligence .

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