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island seam is off

Claudia Castillo
May 14, 2019
This is the photo they said my island would look they said they would have to shave off 2 inches to make continue the flow but when it was installed it is off about a 1/2” is that acceptable? If not what should I ask for? They don’t want to redo it and offered me 150.00 off

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  • Pam A

    I would have them remove the 2". That is a mismatch that would bother me. It's such a beautiful and dramatic surface. Any other option on the table? $150 feels like a very small amount when I'm guessing the counters were at least $8k. If they were closer to $5k then that would actually be a bargain and it would be easier to swallow.

    Do you have a picture of it from 3' away? That would help a lot in understanding how much it jumps out (or doesn't).

  • mark_rachel

    I would probably ask for a bigger discount & leave it alone.

  • Claudia Castillo
    Here are some more photos
  • PRO

    It looks pretty good. Take the money and run.

  • weedmeister

    It's the kinda thing I would put a flower pot on to cover it up.

    Joseph or another stone person may have an idea if it could be touched up so that the white mismatch is less noticeable.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    That's never going to match perfectly and the match isn't bad. Take the money and fugaboudit please.

  • PRO
    Morningstar Stone & Tile

    We agree with Joseph. Working with natural material that has movement like this is a challenge to match up exactly. Also, when an island is done to the size that exceeds a full slab, you're now dealing with a two slab job (not sure if this is the case with this project). Matching seams from two slabs, even from the same bundle, is exceedingly difficult.

  • pigeen

    So probably best not to send a customer an image showing a perfect match.

  • Bri Bosh
    Oh wow you went with black counters?? I thought you were going light! Hope you’re keeping the backsplash bright.

    I would push for a bigger discount.
    The worst they can say is no and they DID send you a template where it’s matched. If they couldn’t do this they shouldn’t have told you they could...JMHO.
  • ghostlyvision

    From the pic that's the only vein they had to match (and they failed), I probably wouldn't ask for a do-over but they should probably compensate you a bit better than 150.00, the mismatch is right in the middle of everything and hard to not see. In the grand scheme though, it's a stunning top (with only a small imperfection).

  • Claudia Castillo
    Bri, I was trying to go light but had issues with slabs and I ended up only having 3 to choose from. The countertops are white I haven’t chosen a backsplash but it will be light.
    Ghostly, that how I feel it’s the only vein they had to match and took 2” off my overhang to try to match the vein.
  • oldryder

    I am a fabricator. Looks like a good job to me. It's usually impossible to match every seam and the other one closer to the arc looks perfect; i.e. it wasn't possible to get both to line up so the fabricator did the best he could given the material.

  • weedmeister

    how's the seam on the sink side?

  • Claudia Castillo
    It’s just black so and it looks good
  • Pam A

    BTW - I have that same sink and LOVE it. No matter what you choose to do about the seam, I think you will love it, too. Your counter is stunning with the white cabinets.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    Here's the same sink, except I've welded a faucet deck on so it can be retrofitted. The alteration costs as much as the sink.

  • Claudia Castillo
    Wow Joseph! That is really beautiful I can’t even tell how you did that.

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