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Fat albert spruce with exposed roots

Robert Fahey
May 14, 2019

It has a few pretty big roots that aren't insulated at all. Should I cover them?

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    a pic would be worth a thousand words ....

    how big is it ... how old in the location???

    if a large mature tree.. and it put its roots there.. you are probably better off leaving them alone ... think of it this way: why do you think you might know better than the tree ... as to what is best ...

    if its an improperly planted young transplant.. then you might need to do something ... so it can get old enough.. to put its roots where it wants ...

    what is your native soil????

    if its a lawn issue ... well ... i would have to see a pic ...


  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    insulation is not an issue ....where are you ????

    was the erosion related to the downspout... and fixed ... if ... so..how long ago ...

    rather than rebury them.. i would probably just spread some mulch ... and be done with it ....

    wait.. im confused.... the wall is painted.. and did that much soil run off?? .. to the paint line???

    welcome to the forum ...


    ps: have you been trimming it??? .. i wonder about that name... as fat al.. is usually kinda... fat ...

    it doesnt matter as we are dealing with a picea pungens... this issue doesnt matter in regard to its cultivar name ...

  • Robert Fahey

    Yes I’ve been trimming it.

    Painted line on foundation is my laziness, not a high water mark for past ground level.

    Downspout has had the green extender long before I planted that spruce, so roots were not exposed because of the spout.

    I’m near Boston.

  • whaas_5a

    Mulch it and call it a day

    Get rid of those stones. I'm assuming they are there to mitigate against the downspout moving in the wind. Use stakes to keep it in place. You could simply buy a bamboo stake and cut to size or they have the hollow green poly covered metal stakes you could cut to size. Both at Home Depot.

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