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Stairs in the living room floor arrangement

Barbara Moore
May 14, 2019


We are buying a house and the living room with has stairs in front of the door. I really do not want to put the TV under the staircase and feeling a bit stuck on how else I can do it. I was thinking an L-shaped couch facing the orange wall but they will clock the stairway. Here are some pics.

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  • decoenthusiaste

    Is there another room you could devote to TV watching?

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  • Barbara Moore

    unfortunately no, the other room is the dining table, the 2nd option would be to bring down the orange wall and to have the living room and dining together.

  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    Would it work if you were to switch places for the living room and dining room? Can we see a pic of where your dining room is in relationship to the living room? If you did that, would the kitchen be nearer the living room?

    Or... maybe place the TV on the large orange wall. Maybe the TV needs to be to the right of center on the orange wall. A loveseat size sofa facing the TV. I would try placing it in front of the coffee table in the 1st photo, just beyond the staircase 1st steps. Moving group closer to the orange wall. A chair on the right side of the Loveseat catty cornered to TV and very close to the Loveseat.

    Create a U-shape furniture arrangement with chair on left of Loveseat & chair on right of Loveseat. All pieces moved to the right of the space. Place your coffee table 18-20" from the sofa front cushions. There would be a walkway path from entry door near staircase and to the other rooms.

    You can add a console table under the staircase, with a lamp on top, an ottoman under it for extra seating. Place an artwork above console table. Add a basket for blankets or whatever on the left side of the console table.

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  • Barbara Moore

    Here is a pic of the dining room

    The orange wall is between the living and dining room.

    The kitchen is just on the left hand side of the entrances. I can try a U-shaped arrangement, should i have a round coffee table instead so that it takes up less space?

    We were thinking in the future we bring down the wall and have that whole space leading to the sunroom as both living room and dining room. We can place the TV on the wall behind the 3-seater leather sofa and have a sofa facing it and arm chairs on the right then the dining table to remain where it is. Do you think thats a good idea?

  • tqtqtbw

    Do you have a photo of the wall across from the dining room window? I think if you remove the orange wall, you can try the family room in the back, with the dining room in the front. You space si compact and I dont think I would get any furniture that is bulky or fixed, like a sectional. A streamline sofa and chair will make the rooms, before and after, look bigger.

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  • Barbara Moore

    Across the window there are just cabinets, its not a wall.

  • groveraxle

    This is really awkward. I hope you don't have big puffy furniture like this because the space between entry and stair is already an obstacle course.

  • groveraxle

    I would do a built in under the stairs.

    You might even do something with doors so you could hide the TV away.

  • tqtqtbw

    With groveraxle's built in, you gain a storage space under the stair. Much cheaper than taking out a wall and fixing the floor. I would do the built-in even if you later intend to take out the orange wall.

  • Barbara Moore

    Oh wow, i like the storage idea from @groveraxle that might actually work. @tqtqtbwwe won't have any bulky furniture. I want to be very cosy so a love seat, arm chairs as recommended a fluffy carpet and a round coffee table.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Formal, separate dining rooms are not all the rage they once were. I can totally see removing that wall and having direct access to the sunroom - much better than having to go through the DR to get there. You could still use the table and chairs there as a living/dining combo.

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