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Home Mailbox Update

Martha Scott
May 14, 2019

My mailbox paint was peeling and so I updated it today. I didn't just repaint it the same old color either -- it has a totally new look!

The old look with British Mailbox Red for the top and British Racing Green for the bottom

The new look -- black with gold trim!

I found out that it seems Her Majesty's Royal Mailboxes are indeed red. However, a Brit's home mailbox appears to be black (I googled)

So black it shall be!

I like it -- less obvious and more . . . sedate?

Was an easy afternoon project as well and it is all dry and ready to receive the mail tomorrow!

Comments (32)

  • Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)

    Love it! I have to say I like the new look better. Mine is a by now faded black plastic box. Off to look for a new one. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Martha Scott thanked Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)
  • Sheeisback GW

    It looks great! That’s an awesome mailbox.

    Martha Scott thanked Sheeisback GW
  • bpath Oh Sophie

    It's very handsome, nicely done!

    Martha Scott thanked bpath Oh Sophie
  • dedtired

    Wow, love it. Love your yard, too.

    Martha Scott thanked dedtired
  • morz8

    It now has a rather sophisticated and classic look. Nice job! ( I wish I could have done an outside project today, but we had rain.)

  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    Looks so much better! You did a great job on it. I prefer the black.

  • functionthenlook

    Nice mailbox. I don't know why people don't pay more attention to their mailboxes. I see nice homes with shabby mailboxes a lot.

    Martha Scott thanked functionthenlook
  • happy2b…gw

    Looks perfect in the setting. I liked the red and green but black with gold is striking and a nice refresh.

    Martha Scott thanked happy2b…gw
  • jemdandy

    The word, letters, now stand out better - more readable.

    Martha Scott thanked jemdandy
  • Martha Scott thanked adellabedella_usa
  • OutsidePlaying

    Very nice look, Martha. Much more fitting for your garden.

    Martha Scott thanked OutsidePlaying
  • Lars

    The black and gold looks better, but I like it better with daffodils. Mine is still red.

    Martha Scott thanked Lars
  • rubyclaire

    Love the black & gold - very stately!

    Martha Scott thanked rubyclaire
  • maire_cate

    Well done - love the gold lettering too.

    Martha Scott thanked maire_cate
  • Martha Scott

    Lars -- daffodils are gone for the year -- sigh!

  • georgysmom2

    Amazing what a little paint can do. Good job!

    Martha Scott thanked georgysmom2
  • Martha Scott

    georgysmom -- it is! And you know how sometimes you just get used to how something looks -- even though it doesn't look good -- it's just there and that's the way it is. I'm at least one year late in painting -- perhaps two! And I do really like the new look!

  • nicole___


    Martha Scott thanked nicole___
  • pennydesign

    Nice job! Agreed, details matter.

    Also, I love that you have antique bricks for the walkway...we did that in a previous house and I just loved it...

    Martha Scott thanked pennydesign
  • jakabedy

    Very nice. When we bought this house in 2017, replacing the mailbox was one of the first things we did. It can make such a difference in the overall appearance of the house. We put in a sleek modern stainless mailbox to replace the standard issue black one that had flowers and the address painted on the side, possibly by a toddler.

    Martha Scott thanked jakabedy
  • pudgeder


    Martha Scott thanked pudgeder
  • Martha Scott

    Pennydesign -- our town made bricks and so there are a lot out and about. In fact, "OUR" bricks make up the base for the Indy 500 track (referred to as "The Brickyard") as well as for the Panama Canal. Our streets once were all brick (as was the one in front of my house but as a highway it needed a better roadway than bricks and so was paved over). Our second drive is lower than our first and you had to "climb a hill" between the two drives. The path that you see actually ends in a gentle and wide set of stairs between the drives to make getting from the north drive to the south drive and into the house easier. (Originally the north drive belonged to the neighbor on the north -- hence the hill I'm sure). Okay, I know TMI!

  • PKponder TX Z7B

    I like the refreshed color! I really need to give mine an update too.

    Martha Scott thanked PKponder TX Z7B
  • schoolhouse_gw

    I agree, very classic. Nice.

    Martha Scott thanked schoolhouse_gw
  • PRO

    Great mailbox and it looks wonderful painted black!

    Martha Scott thanked Anglophilia
  • DawnInCal

    Three words come to mind - classy, elegant and sophisticated. I love paint!

    Martha Scott thanked DawnInCal
  • matthias_lang

    I think I prefer the black paint, but I'm never opposed to color. Do you need a key to get your mail out of that armored mailbox? I think 100 mailboxes like mine could be made from the amount of metal in yours. Mine, a little wisp of a thing, is mounted on the house and is probably of dimensions similar to Lars'. (Hey, Lars, I like how graphic your entry area looks. ) Earlier this month I removed the newspaper rack that was attached to the bottom of my mailbox. Even when we did have newspaper delivery, it was thrown to the sidewalk or porch, not slipped into the rack.

    Martha Scott thanked matthias_lang
  • Martha Scott

    It does have a lock on the back but we don't have a key and never had so it's just a door.

  • olliesmom

    Love the black! Very nice.

  • joann_fl

    I have the mailbox covers for mine.

  • oldbat2be

    I love the new look! What a great mailbox. Do you remember where you found it?

  • Martha Scott

    It was a place that we used to go to that carried dented and overstocked goods. Usually one of a kinds (our mailbox was) and it was 28 years ago or so. But I did see that you can buy one on Amazon.

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