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New plants in your garden this Spring?

May 15, 2019

Hi! I imagine everyone is really busy in the garden this time of the year! Nurseries were open on Mother’s Day, so I went on a shopping spree (the best kind!). I had wanted to add Phlox paniculata for the past two years, and decided to go with Glamour Girl! Against my better judgment, I also brought home 3 heucheras Coralberry. The last ones (different variety) did not make it through the winter, but the color is so pretty! :)

I also purchased a few shrubs, and the one I’m most excited about is Azalea Rosy Lights: its blooms are supposedly hardy to -40! I hope it’s true!

What are your new plants this Spring?

Happy gardening!

Comments (6)

  • Emily Saba

    Liatris, some lillies and I attempted Gladiator alliums but may need to try again in the fall.

  • mazerolm_3a

    Oh I love liatris, especially in mass plantings! Did you get the purple or white?

  • Emily Saba

    The purple. Do hummers like these or butterflies?

  • mazerolm_3a

    I had loads of bees on them, no butterflies nor hummers, but I rarely see them around.

  • Campanula UK Z8

    patrinia punctiflora, selinum carvifolia, penstemon cobaea, francoa appendiculata, paeonia 'Miss America', sisyrinchium junceum are in line to flower this year. Also, cuttings of a spirea unknown to me - s.salcifolia, a long-leaf pine (p.wallichiana) and rather a lot of annuals. New vegetables include millefleur and dwarf tomatoes, tall peas and a slew of interesting squash.

    I have just got back from the woods...which are stuffed with babies - foxes, woodpeckers, numerous songbirds, buzzards and the smallest roe deer I have ever seen - a faun the size of a cat. Lunaria, foxgloves, red campion, cow parsley, bluebells and forget-me-nots - the wood is looking at its best (and my sodding camera ran out of battery).

    mazerolm_3a thanked Campanula UK Z8
  • mazerolm_3a

    @Camp: your woods sound awesome!!

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