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Confused about countertop behind slide in range

May 15, 2019

Forgive me if this is a dumb question... but we'll be installing a slide in range (never had one before) in our kitchen. It has been purchased but is not installed yet. Our quartz fabricators come tomorrow to measure. I need to tell them how much quartz will go behind the range (our cabinet guys will be installing a bridge for them to adhere it to) and I'm trying to figure out what it should be.

Our fabricators says they need 1.5 to 2 inches minimum. The range we have says it CAN go flush to wall. The body of the oven is 24". The total depth with door/handle is 28 15/16"

I guess my question is... is there a standard depth for that piece of counter behind the range? Is 2 inches good? Is there anything else I need to think about before fabrication??

Should I really figure out a way to get the range installed before they arrive tomorrow???

Thank you!

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  • espc10

    We had the same configuration, but already had the range. The fabricators will know what to do as I am sure they have done enough work with the slide-in space. I would show them the installation pdf from your stove's manufacturer so they can take the proper measurement. The bridge will also give them the dimensions. BTW, the fabricators pulled out the stove to work there, so it will be just that less work they will have to do.

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  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    Pull the range’s specs off of the internet. Be aware that manufacturers can and will change measurements of the appliances without updating the specs. If it were me, I would want the range on site, available for them to measure. And also for you to be able to move the electrical to the appropriate spot behind the range if it hasn’t been moved there.

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  • cmbpmb

    Thank you! We actually DO have the range in our garage so that's good. And we are thinking we might have the cabinet guys help us move it into place tomorrow morn so it's there if that would be the most helpful. Plumber doesn't come for another week to hook gas back up so I was trying to wait but will do whichever is best.

    Can anyone advise if there's a 'norm' for how deep the strip typically is? Is 2 inches OK?

  • cmbpmb

    Oh - and we are good on the hookups - oven location only moved 2 inches. :)

  • suzyq53

    Sounds like it should go flush. The counters are 24" deep right? What is the make and model? To get it flush the plug will have to line up with the indent on the back of the range. Also some models have a small trim at the rear.

  • cmbpmb

    This is make/model...


    • LG Electronics 6.3 cu. ft. Slide-In Gas Range with Probake Convection Oven in Stainless Steel

    • Model #LSG4513ST

    • Internet #206632066

  • suzyq53

    Oh and its gas. So you need to be sure that gas and electric are located in the area shown on p.14 of the installation manual. And assuming your counters are 24" deep, it should be installed flush.

  • Shannon_WI

    Quartz should not be placed behind the range. It will scorch and/or crack. Put stainless steel panel there instead. Here is a recent thread, but there have been others.


  • Hillside House

    Counters won’t be 24” deep, because the cabinet box is 24”, and there is an overhang. I think standard is more like 25.5”-26”.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    "Quartz should not be placed behind the range. It will scorch and/or crack."

    Engineered stone will only scorch when it's installed outside the manufacturer's installation instructions. Follow the appliance manufacturer's instructions for clearance to combustible surfaces and you'll be fine.


    There will be no strip of quartz behind your range, per the manufacturer.

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  • cmbpmb
    Is it really just a style thing - countertop vs the stainless filler provided? I’m so confused by this. LG says the range can go flush to wall so do I need anything at all??
  • suzyq53

    I have never needed one.

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  • weedmeister

    There is no standard strip width. And manufacturers have been moving to 0 width at the back.

    It used to be that even if the carcass (the oven part) went all the way to the wall, the top did not. Now they are making the tops the full depth to match the oven.

    This LG is one of those new types. The top goes all the way to the wall. There will be no strip of countertop behind it. HOWEVER: there is a note on page 16 that the stove comes with an optional filler strip (steel) that goes on the back if needed. It is used for countertop depths up to 25". More than that and you'll need a wider strip.

    So it depends on your counter top depth. The stove is 24" (you should go out to the garage and measure it), so if your counter tops are 27", you'll need 3" to make up the difference. If your counter is 25", you won't need anything (use the strip that comes with it.)

    BTW: the heat of the oven exhausts at the back so don't put a backsplash behind it that can't take the heat.

    BTW2: There are companies out there that make stainless trip strips for this purpose in case you need something greater that 1" and less than 2.5".

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  • cmbpmb

    Thanks so much to everyone! I just had an online chat with LG and they said ceramic backsplash tile was fine. Fingers crossed they are right!

    My cabinet frames are 24 deep and with drawer fronts they are just shy of 25 from wall. With another .75 to 1 inch of counter we'll be at 26. Does this mean the strip will be sufficient? The range comes up a bit in the back so it seems like you won't really be able to see much of what's behind it anyway. Seems like paying for quartz behind is a waste and really not necessary.

    I think we're going to haul it in here tomorrow regardless to have in place before fabricators come. PITA but worth it so we don't have any surprises or make costly errors!

  • suzyq53

    Tile should be fine for the backsplash. Are you going to hook up the stove tomorrow and leave it?

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  • cmbpmb

    No - we'll likely just move it into place (or wait and have fabricator measure it in garage) and then plumber will be coming to hook up sinks and gas once counters are all done and installed.

    I think I have decision fatigue!!!!

  • espc10

    We have a tile backsplash and an electric range, which is messier than gas. We have had no problems with any damage. Also, the strip of quartz running in back of the stovetop is fine. The fabricator, however, advised to never put direct heat on the quartz; the heat generated from a slow cooker will damage the finish. I use racks on top of quartz when I take trays or pans from the oven.

  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    The install manual said that they include a fill strip that can be used if not doing a countertop piece. I would just do that.. the small piece of countertop back there will have 2 seams - it will not be one continuous top.

    We generally require that the appliances are in place when tops get templated so there is no question... you may want to do that - why bother guessing?

  • weedmeister

    So, what you're saying is you have 24" cabinets and a 26" countertop?

    You could answer a lot of questions if you went out to the garage with a tape measure. Bear in mind that the door needs to be 'proud' of the cabinets on either side. Check for any restrictions/lips/etc on the top edge that would keep you from pushing the oven all the way back (the Elux is like this).

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