African Rain/African Rainbow or Aspen White for white & wood kitchen?

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May 16, 2019

We are a couple weeks away from cabinet installation and I am on the hunt for counters. We will have white shaker cabinets on the perimeter and a cherry island stained "molasses", which is a dark brown with a hint of grey (Shown best on the pic with the close-up of African Rain). The floors are red oak; stain to be determined after the island is in and we can test some samples (likely a medium brown mix with a little Classic Grey).

Two granites I liked while shopping yesterday were African Rain (also referred to as African Rainbow at a different slab yard) and Aspen White. I am looking for something light with wavy movement that will bring warmth to a two-tone kitchen. I want to add some color and warmth while still having something that I can decorate around as trends change (and we eventually all move from grey back to warmer colors). Ideally, I would find a stone that would work on both the island and the perimeter.

African Rain is nice in that it is light and seems to work with both the white and the wood. The slabs I saw were creamy white, grey/black, some yellow, some dark blue maybe, and sometimes some brown that leans a little peach or mauve in a few spots (not thrilled with that, but it is minimal and could probably be templated to avoid making it a focal point).

Aspen White is what I am drawn to the most, but I wonder if it works with both the white and the wood. It has white, grey, cream, and rust. Orange being one of my favorite colors, I am not afraid of the rust. It will likely be an accent in the adjacent family room. Is Aspen White too creamy for the white of our cabinet?

I tried the best I could to get some decent photos but I had limited warehouse space and lighting.

I'd love to hear what people think. Thanks!

African Rain(bow):

Aspen White

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