Master Bath Remodel—Tile Advice

Marilyn B
May 16, 2019

We’re picking fittings, tile, etc. for a Master Bath remodel. Our bath is 8X8X8. I’ll post pics of how it currently is. Our objectives are a slightly larger, frameless shower and for the bathroom to seem roomier and less cluttered. The shower is 3X3 and we can fit 4X5.

To achieve the rest of our goals, we will likely move and turn the toilet 90 degrees, replacing it with a wall mount toilet, probably a Toto. I plan to change the light bar above the vanity and replace that big mirror with two individual mirrors above the sinks. We’ll finish out with new lighting fixtures, new plumbing fixtures, and new tile. We plan to keep the current vanity.

We’re stuck on the tile. Because it’s a small cube, we don’t want small, busy tile. We are considering plank tiles and running the same tile across the floor, up the wall, with same tile in shower with an accent piece in shower. We plan to leave three walls without tile.

We looked at the “wood” tiles and liked them in the store. We brought home samples and now we don’t like them. I’m including pics. I am concerned that these barn board type styles won’t age well and will be a dated fad fast.

Any thoughts on how you might tile this and the colors you would select?

Here is the vanity, light bar, and large sheet mirror The half wall will be removed This wall won’t be tiled

Shower and toilet currently the wall between will go away and the plumbing for the shower will be relocated to the opposite wall. This wall will be the tiled wall

The last wall will be partially tiled by the shower. Also changing to a barn door because husband likes them.

The faucet line we are currently considering except we do have an appointment with another supply showroom this weekend. IDK why this photo is sideways. It doesn’t appear that way on my device. The faucets are black.

Currently considering these tiles. The last one on the right is shiny but I think that will show every spot. As the cleaner, I am darn opposed.

These for the shower floor.

Thank you, Houzz community for viewing this long post and for any advice!

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