Is it something else of Inland Sea Oats?

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I thought it was an Inland Sea Oats volunteer ( Chasmanthium latifolium) which I have a thick bank growing 70' away from here, but ,now, I am not so sure at all. It grew from a spot where I planted a Chili Petin that I got from a plant swap in San Antonio so it could be a hitch hiker from that fair city . Now that it is bigger, it is looking a lot different but with a similar structure. My C. latifolium are sending out blooms right now, and this is not. It has yellow tips and has green veins where the yellow is and the veining is still evident where it is green. The C. latifolium does not have this characteristic. I did think maybe it is chlorotic or something , but it is growing fast and otherwise very happy, not far from a compost heap. The C. latifolium grows in terrible soil and is never irrigated under eves on the north side of a 16' wall. There is no such thing as good soil on this spot of uplands Central Texas. It is all limestone rubble. Some might have a couple of inches of topsoil if I am lucky.. The first plant had a tiny bit more top soil. Here are some shots

My bank of C. latifolium

Here is a close up of it showing smooth grass blades.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it different due to species or just environmental? Regardless, it is too close to the Chili patin , so one of them has to be moved. I will be watching it closely now.

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