Planting etiolated morning glories? They are SO leggy!

My daughter started some seeds for me in peat pellets. They are Heavenly Blues and some white variety. I don’t have luck starting them in the ground. Have tried 4 years in a row. Something eats them before they even emerge, or they rot. Whereas hers that she starts indoors always do well.

But there is quite a distance between the top of the peat pellet and the seed leaves: like 6 inches. There were not many sunny days and they obviously did not get enough light after germination.

They are getting their first true leaves now. Should I plant them deeply, or will covering that long stem kill them?


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  • Jay 6a Chicago
    last year

    I think burrying the long stems will kill them. I would cut away the extra peat material so the seedlings get sun and see if they recover and strengthen enough to be transplanted. You can start new seeds right now also because they germinate and grow so fast. Good luck!

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