Anyone know of a spreadsheet style listing of Invasives & their specs?

last year

As I progress deeper into the wild overgrowth that has conquered our colonial farmstead, I've oft thought to myself that were there ever a such a thing as Invasives BINGO, I'd be that person everyone hates in the hall - the one that just. keeps. winning.

The various notes I've taken on each admittedly exists as a chaotic gathering of scraps of what ever paper was near at the time, and I'm determined to put it into a more useful format - namely, a spreadsheet that easily summarizes the key points on each species, such as unique features, time of year they leaf out and bloom, look-a-like natives, how they spread, and how best to eradicate them. Something I can print out as a quick reference chart and see "ah, the forsythia buds are swelling, that means the first wave of Garlic Mustard might be ready to bloom (and is thus big enough to spray, or at least decapitate before seeds mature) and the Buckthorn will be the only thing leafing out (making them easy to spot in the woods and pull out).

But as I compile this information from a myriad of sources, I can't help but wonder - there's no way I'm the first to have this idea. Someone must have done this already.

Have you ever come across a spreadsheet style table with descriptive information regarding Invasive Species and the best practices for eradicating them?

I've seen downloadable lists in .csv format that identify the common and scientific names of invasive species (I've got the link somewhere, will edit when I find it) but it didn't contain any information regarding identifying features, propagation method, or treatment recommendations.

If such a resource does exist - sweet! But if not, I'll go ahead and make my own - and any thoughts on how best to structure it would be greatly appreciated!

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