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Growth Habitat of ES vs Bloomstruck

May 24, 2019

Last year, Bloomstruck seemed to be more vigorous on Blooms - around 50+

This year, the ES seems to fared better.

Due to the the complete loss of OLD wood on a big sized mac, I am considering transplanting one of them in this spot.

For those with mature ES or Bloomstruck, dare sharing shrub size, stem growth/support for blooms, bloom size, qty of blooms, etc. IF I recall in my readings, Bloomstruck blooms are smaller, but MORE, stems are potentially stronger than ES. Shrub size, BS is a smidge smaller than ES once established.

Comments (4)

  • guyground

    endless summer gets bigger than bloomstruck but not by much.

    ES size 4-5 ft tall and wide

    BS size 3-4 ft tall wide.

    BS stems seem a bit stronger but I'm not sure that makes a huge difference as ES has pretty strong stems too.

    ES summer has green foliage and green stems

    BS dark green foliage and purplish stems.

    Flower size similar.

    ES blue in acidic soil

    BS purplish blue in acid soil

    I really like bright blue blooms so I prefer ES to BS, but that's just my opinion.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Those are just expected sizes. In suitable climates, both can get considerably larger.

    IME, ES has solid colored flowerheads.....BS has variations in the color of individual sterile florets so you get a bicolored effect.

  • a1an

    On our LL hedge, it's easily surpassed the size specs by at least 3 feet in Height.

    Both are not mature enough for me to make a educated decision. I do like the darker foliage of the BS, and the blooms did have a 2 tonish effect, albeit it was not a full size mature bloom.

    LOL. Just came back from the nursery with a LL tree. Went looking for Firelight tree, and did not want to walk away with a empty trunk . Hearts happy, wallet no so much

    It's going to go in the spot where I intend to plant the FL tree, and if/when I find a FL tree, then I will just have to make room...

    Happy Memorial Gardening Weekend all

  • guyground

    Nice limelight trees look awesome

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