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Top my Front Door!

Len Noiman
May 25, 2019

Want awning-like feature for door and maybe triple-windows. Not cloth. Faces hot west pm Sun. Any ideas on portico with so shallow a space over door? Expense is a concern.

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  • tatts

    Well, before you send everyone on a wild goose chase, what have you found that you like? The internet is full of these pictures.

    And "Expense is a concern." really doesn't tell us anything. So, a wild goose chase.

    The answer is staring you right in the face--the dormers.

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  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    facing west would mean more than a simple door covering:

    this is your most budget friendly, but it's not going to do much for the blazing sun coming through.

    If expense is a concern, then save up until you can do it correctly.

    This would be your best bet, but it's going to cost. look into an equity line of credit for home renovation.

    perhaps more of something like this, built appropriately to your homes' style.

    Len Noiman thanked Beth H. :
  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    I think the yellow and white houses posted above are suitable for your home: a shed-roof style porch. I think the gable-style may be too much with the dormers.

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  • Len Noiman

    I appreciate the advice from all of you. Saving up for the best design solution looks like the best answer.

  • PRO

    You don't have the room for those gabled canopies that are being suggested. Either have a shallow metal one made or develop a shed roof canopy that ties into your roof line.

  • Len Noiman

    Thanks Beverly. I agree the shed roof may be best idea and do-able. Thank you.

  • tatts

    Well, I don't think a shed roof would be best at all; it doesn't go with the house.

    I wasn't suggesting a gabled canopy. I was suggesting a proper gabled roof that extends out from the roof, as the dormers do, with a pair of columns at the corners (edit: like Beth's #4 & 5, above, which I hadn't seen until well after I wrote this post).

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    pictures 4 and 5 that I posted are almost identical to your house. That's why I said to save up to have something like these done, as it will incorporate your existing roofline. ( and you would also have to do something w/the window on the left) Even the 2nd pic w/the yellow house can be done to yours. That one would give you a nice porch and plenty of shade for that hot, westerly sun.

    It just depends on the money you want to spend.

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