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Undermounting a Stainless sink onto 2cm quartz w/ no buildup.

May 26, 2019

Hi, i just ended up with 2 slabs of 2cm quartz that i love, by virtue of low stock, available materials and my timeline, and was going to build it up and miter the edge. BUT, now realize how sleek and cool the 2cm look is esp with Euro gloss cabinets so would like to go straight thin- no build up..

The only question i have now is regarding the sink directly into/attached to the 2cm. I have looked all over the site and though many people are OKing the 2cm material without the plywood build up, (we will have intermittent support ) I cannot find this answer. I have Bathroom sink directly into 2cm but kitchen may be different bracing required. Thank you for this answer .

2nd 2 Question would be that i know its tricky with a slide- in range, but with a cooktop and wall over UNDERNEATH will this run into any problems with thinner countertop.? THANKS in advance!

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  • GreenDesigns

    With a HUSH, sink mount, there’s no issue with mounting any sink to any thickness of material. You are mounting the sink TO the material, and the support is created by the cabinet and mounting system. No holes in the stone for clips that then have a heavy sink full of water to hang from those holes in your stone..

    Yes, a slide in with flanges will have issues with not being able to adjust the legs downward enough to have the flanges touch the counter. They already have that issue with 3cm. 2 cm will be worse, with a bigger gap. Too big. No slide ins with flanges with 2 cm.

    You will already have issues with a cooktop and wall oven choice using part of your toe kick area to be mounted lower than you are used to. 2 cm makes that worse. A wall oven is for mounting at an ergonomic waist height, not a lower than in a range height. Skip the silly back wrenching cool look in favor of usability and practicality. Mount the wall oven at counter height, like they were designed to be mounted.

    The real answer is a front control free standing range, like the GE Cafe, it other professional style range with the front controls and finished sides. And a backguard. Don’t forget the required backguard for any of these cooking choices.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I agree a wall oven mounted under a cook top makes no sense just get a range. As for the sink the bracing underneth is what holds up the sink so no big deal there.

  • christaiga

    Big thanks to you both. Great news on 2cm sink mount! The hang up Ive got for the cooktop/wall oven combo is purely aesthetic. I have smaller kitchen, with no wall for a wall oven. I have lived with a fine slidein gas number, which hangs 3inches into the room (i think they all are more than 24 inch depth. My Countertop is separated/breaks at this range, and now I want a nice looking long run of a countertop w/ a flat electric or induction glass cooktop. (I will miss gas range but we are changing to eletricity for a other reasons) I am trying to do things that will make the kitchen look very different this time and much more modern and simple. I am also not a huge cook and dont use my oven even daily. Now i realize this cooktop may also be a solution instead of a problem for my 2cm countertop...since the slide in would not work with 2 -3cm i realize as explained.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    You can have 2cm tops, just make sure your finished countertop height is 36". Strap your sink in place, please. Clips leak.

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  • GreenDesigns

    If you want the thin counters, and the wall oven under the cooktop, then you will need to do custom height lower cabinets, taller than standard. You can’t do this with stock cabinet heights. A wall oven and cooktop take up more vertical room to mount. It results in the oven being lower down to the floor.

  • christaiga

    OK i am feverishly checking specs and guides it looks like it is always in the spec sheets from every brand i am looking into so its obviously done. but it does look modified. i am working on figuring that out. i am doing both electric so that saves some space. Im ok with it lower as i use it 1x week max.

    Joseph Corlett, I am not sure what strapping a sink in means but hopefully whoever does this , knows! ! to make matters more interesting i am trying to snug in a sink into a 30inch countertop (yes nothing easy) so gotta be sure that works out OK. i have seen some items which brace-i do not see the HUSH that GreenDesigns mentions...

    Thanks again for help and advice!

  • millworkman

    This link will take you directly to the Hercules Universal Sink Harness (HUSH) page from Amazon.

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  • christaiga

    Ahh that is the HUSH! Thank you! I see the systemg. It appears even if we have to modify a 30inch cabinet to fit a bit of rim, we could place anchors a big more down the wall out of the snug space up at lip? Are we sure MDF cabinet side 3/4 inch thick are strong enough to hold this or maybe it seems this system work together to reinforce the siliconed sink which gives = strength too...we could always screw put a narrow ledger into the cabinet walls too, i suppose, drilling through both cabinets from the attached cabinets inside.)? Thank you Millworkman

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