Planted Carpobrotus Edulis (sea fig)

It finally went into the ground in May. I'll let it fill in and see how it looks by Nov-Dec.

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  • Stefan

    They can easily carpet the ground. Quite the interesting sight, but can be problematic if left unchecked.

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Is this a Carpobrutus that is cold-hardy, Matt? There are Delosperma which are.

    To add to Stefan’s comment, this is an invasive along just about any Southern California beach dune, unless the area has been remediated with natives.

  • Matt z5b - Greenhouse 10a

    Stefan - That's the goal for this corner of the greenhouse. A thick ground cover that flowers from time to time.

    cactusmcharris - This cutting is one I took from Southern California in January. It should be hardy to zone 9b..? I do grow the hary delosperma, a few types.

  • Matt z5b - Greenhouse 10a

    End of Octobr update. It has been growing well but now the base of the plant has been going brown.. Is this normal? It seems healthy and continues to grow.

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    The older growth does get woody

    You can see how the old growth gets really woody, but yours looks like it could be dying in those parts. Plus the growth isn’t that old I can’t imagine it getting corky after only 5-6 months. How cold does it get in there?

  • Matt z5b - Greenhouse 10a

    It gets down to about 52- 55 F most nights. It's odd, It started turning like that mid Aug and has continued to grow. Does lack of water cause it? It's been real dry until recently.

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    It should totally be able to handle those temps. The new growth will root and spread. If the weird areas start really spreading, cut off the good and root those bits. If you have trouble I can send you a truck load of this stuff because it’s everywhere in my neck of the woods;).

    Matt z5b - Greenhouse 10a thanked Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA
  • Matt z5b - Greenhouse 10a

    Thanks Kara, much appreciated. I've looked high and low for for this plant over the last few years. I brought this back on my most recent trip to California.

    The one I have growing in a container has the same base browing happening but I'm not too worried because they are still growing fine.

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