What is wrong with this cucumber plant?

June 7, 2019

Can anybody tell me what is wrong with this cucumber plant? Leaves have a lot of white in them, some have turned yellow (I removed those). I've read about "powdery mildew" but this is not powdery in the least. It's just in the color of the leaf.

The second pic is of another cucumber plant, although a different variety, seems to be doing quite well and was planted at the same time, in the same "soil" ... 2/3 potting MIX (not soil), 1/3 peat moss, 3/4 cup dolomite lime and 2 cups composted cow manure.

We've been having a LOT of rain here in NYC so I haven't actually watered either of them in at least a couple of weeks. Soil is consistently moist.


This is the healthy plant.

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