Is it Safe to eat produce from plant affected by herbicides?

Camirra Williamson
June 11, 2019


A few weeks ago the majority of my garden was affected by herbicide drift from a neighbor spraying weed killer. They have curled/ weird shaped leaves on my pepper and tomato plants, no yellow leaves or sudden plant death. I conclude that it was probably 2,4 D that was used. I wasn't able to replace all of them, as I had bought some unique varieties at the beginning of the growing season and they were all picked over by now. So I continued to let the ones I couldn't replace grow. About 20 plants. mostly tomatoes, peppers, and some basil left.

Is it safe to eat the produce from these plants? Will it taste any different than the ones that weren't affected? Many of the plants seem to be pushing through the problem and I would hate to throw the produce away.

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